Jew-haters, Moe-dogs, Crazy Uncle Paul & Asylum Fraud

Crazy uncle Paul has a very long history as a racist Jew hater
  • like a broken clock,  CNN does get it right twice a day….  When you’re running for president — or even just for your party’s presidential nomination — it’s generally not  good idea to storm out of interviews on a national cable channel because you don’t like the question.
 Back to 1938: Eurabia’s Universities Almost Judenrein!

Islam Hijacking the UN Human Rights Council

Islam won the war against reason  to ensure that a prohibition against “Islamophobia” will be endorsed by the world community as the newest international human right issue and the equivalent of anti-Semitism.

Compo Pirates 

Kenyan Prisons not good enough for Somali pirates; yuman rites mafia threatens lawsuits (article in German)

They must be Moe-dogs

150 wild dogs, many running in feral packs, have for months been roaming the streets of the Ras Hamis Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem. Israeli dog catchers won’t help because they are afraid they’ll get attacked – not by the dogs: by the Arabs!

 Greece not good enough for asylum fraudsters
Too many cultural enrichers complain that they can’t find translators and halal food, and that infringes on their yuman rites. The Eurabian court has therefore decided that asylum fraudsters are to be more fairly distributed among richer member states. (In German)
Norway:  Imam Imam Fayed Sarased Ali Bukhar calls for beheadings for those who mock Islam 
… and those who don’t pray 5 times a day must be incarcerated, at least. Surprisingly, there is (still) some resistance…..

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  1. No gsw, immediate deportation and confiscation of property. These thugs do a considerable amount of damage in the penal system because law enforcement people are forced to treat them with kid cloves or because supervision and control is inadequate … so remove them with interest.

  2. I’ve heard that the ADL has even graciously extended to Ron Paul the offer of a Metzitzah in an effort to appease hime.

  3. @rojhoward

    Don’t recall anyone in this article saying he hated blacks, there are other types of racists you know, e.g. blacks who hate whites. Pull your head out.

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