Awsome Moonbats & Sly Deceivers

“Controversial Pastor”  and ‘surfing Rabbi’ face off against militant moonbats at  re-education  campus:

Dalliman still bending bananas:

 He still considers himself a Marxist because of Marxism’s belief in “fair income distribution”.

Holy Smoke, Interfaith & Kumbaya 

His Holiness highlights role of interfaith leaders in promoting religious harmony ( Dr. Ingrid Mattson was there too…)


Obama Admin Defends U.S. Ambassador Who Blamed Muslim Anti-Semitism on Israel

Oddly, the envoy is Jewish and his father was a Holocaust survivor. The O’turd rolls with them in the sewers…. Read More »

Walter Reed Military Hospital Bans Bibles & Religious Materials — Then Overturns Policy

“…his is as intolerant as you can be…”Read More »

Poor Race Huckster Jackson:

 Jesse Jackson’s Odd Christmas Comments: ‘Christmas Should Be a Poor People’s Holy Day’

“We use Jesus to lure you into Santa Claus’s birthday party.”Read More »

 You can find ‘Allah’ in the strangest  places:

(Found on JW Germany)