Canada: Burqa Ban For Citizen Ceremony Equals "Holocaust" – Soldiers of Allah are the "New Jews"

 If you want to become a Canadian, you’ll have to show your face.

 The Freedom Sack should have never been allowed in the first place. Not in Canada, not in the U.S., not in Europe and not in Australia.

This is a piss-weak attempt to restore a minimum of common sense and sanity; but the reaction from the usual suspects is predictably hysterical.

Ezra Levant and Jason Kenney on today’s ban of face coverings in court

This is truly excellent. Mr. Kenney  is coming out in defense of Canadian values and customs and a suggestion that those who come here and really do not like them, perhaps have picked the wrong country to move to.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this vid:


The federal government is now requiring new Canadians who wear garments that cover their faces to remove them during the oath of citizenship.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney spoke to cultural groups about the value of Canadian citizenship in Montreal on Monday and said that the new ban includes the Islamic niqab or face veil.

Kenney said there have been complaints that it is difficult to say whether individuals are actually taking the oath if their faces are covered when doing so.

He also said that new Canadians should be taking the oath in front of fellow citizens.

“This is really a matter of pure principle — which is at the heart of our public values,” Kenney said in French. “The oath of citizenship is a public gesture.”

Kenney said he did not believe that veils are a religious requirement for Muslim women in all circumstances.

“When Muslim women do the hajj to Mecca as part of their Koranic obligation of pilgrimage to the holy sites, they are required not to wear a veil. They are required to show their face,” Kenney said in English. “So the notion that this is somehow a religious obligation, I don’t accept.”

A local Imam says this is just another example of how his religion is under fire in North America.

“Muslims are going through that situation right now that the Jews faced before the holocaust. Because intimidation of their faith, bad mouthing of their faith, bad mouthing about their book, bad mouthing about their beliefs. That was going on in Germany before the holocaust, same thing is happening now about Muslims. So this is absolutely an alarming situation that a few Islamophobes are winning,” said Syed Soharwardy, Leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada.

Sohowardy says he thinks the announcement is nothing more than politics and that the government is trying to get this message out before a Supreme Court ruling is handed down on whether Muslim women are allowed to wear face coverings in court.

The ban takes effect immediately.

Here’s an earlier vid from Vlad Tepes:

Jason Kenney bans wearing of veil at citizenship swearing in ceremony

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  1. “HORSEHOCKEY”- Harry Morgan as Col.Potter on MASH

    The Jews were innocents.

    Muslims are Satanic.

  2. Muslims HATE Jews. If Muslims are the “New Jews” Muslims must kill themselves under Sharia Law.

  3. How utterly insulting for that f#ckwit Sohowardy to compare these muslim quislings to jews. And I notice the usual crap about islamophobia. Its getting hilarious in its utterly trite and predictable response

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