Can't offend Muslims, can't….

Sweden: why offend Muslim sensibilities by banning the veil for police? 

Interestingly, the judge for this case banned women in full burka gear from the courtroom.

 ’I am responsible for order in this court room and I feel I can’t achieve that if I am unable to see the faces of the people present,’ said district court judge Stefan Wikmark.”  (source)

 The Bunglaphobia Mob is jubilant:

Donna Eljammal (26) is Sweden’s first police cadet with a headscarf. She had wanted to join the police long before she started wearing a hijab.

“Ever since I was little. I want to help others and move instead of just sitting in front of a computer.” A few years ago it became possible to wear a headscarf or turban as part of the police uniform, after some debate.

Things will become really interesting when Muslim judges, prosecutors, lawyers and religious police will try infidel sluts for being raped by Muslim men.

 Hurt feelings? Here’s the cure:

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  1. That headgear might come in handy. Rugby players wear rigs like that, to prevent their ears from being hurt and damaged, during vigorous scrums.
    Her balaclava may prove useful, when she’s wrestling Mike Tyson-type drunks into the Paddy wagon…

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