They told the truth about Islam….

… and as a result, they lose their jobs, or, as in the case of Irshad Manji, they have eggs thrown at them, receive death threats, and are spat upon:

Harvard fires Hindu professor for offending Muslims

It is surprising that Swamy lasted as long as he has in Harvard’s hyper-politically correct environment; his original piece ran at Atlas Shrugs on July 16. At Harvard, the wheels of injustice grind more slowly than I would have expected.

In any case, here is another assault on the freedom of speech and another victory for the ongoing Leftist and Islamic supremacist attempts to demonize, stigmatize and marginalize all speech regarding any kind of resistance to jihad terrorism and Islamic supremacism.  (More)

“Harvard removes courses taught by Subramanian Swamy,” from PTI, December 8

Australia is a place for sharia,  and Labor’s making sure it is:

Australia: Rumors in Canberra that Julia Gillard will this weekend announce a shuffle of her ministry, with Robert McClelland to retire. Attorney General Robert McClelland said “there is ‘no place’ for sharia law in Australia”….

Militant Sharia4Belgium Muselmaniacs bombard Irshad Manji  with eggs, spit on her

Vlad Tepes & TT:



2 thoughts on “They told the truth about Islam….”

  1. Allahu akbar, does NOT mean “God is great.” In Arabic, “God” = Allah and “great” = kabeer.
    Allahu means “My/Our God” and akbar means “greater.”
    Allahu akbar, therefore, means “My/Our God is greater [than yours].”
    When a Muslim gunman or protester shouts this, they are being very clear about their motives, jihad, the holy struggle to defend Islam by killing infidels. So apart from confirming that this Terrorist or Protest Act was Mohammedan in nature it also exposes the reality of Islam because if THEIR god is greatest then there must be perforce other ‘lesser’ Gods. Which reveals Islams Polytheistic roots it also reveals the confrontational and supremacist nature of Islam. Needless to say the Mohammedans are very happy that the moronic moonbats and the Islamophile, antisemitic Lame Stream EneMedia continue to mistranslate it as “God is Great” as this also gives them the opportunity to say that their God allah is the same as your God which is patently and clearly insane. The Mohammedan God is an evil , self contradictory, illogical, violent,misogynistic, vengeful , antisemitic, Arab supremacist God (its all in the Koran) totally unlike the Christian and Jewish God.

  2. Allahu akbar means “My God is greater/My Allah is greater” this implies the existence of lesser gods.

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