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The War Against Christmas

Germany: Misunderstander of Islam arrested for al-Qaeda jihad bomb plot

A “German man,” AP tells us. Hans? Fritz? Karl? No, Halil. “German man arrested over alleged al-Qaida plot,” from AP, December 8. (They were trying  to blow up the Christmas Market in Bochum)

Militant atheists are a pain in the ass. They enjoy the rights and protection of a secular, pluralist society only to make themselves useful idiots for those who want to destroy it. These cowards never, never stand up to Islamic supremacism, but when it comes to Christianity, where they can be sure there won’t  be a blowback, they attack like rabid dogs:  Wisconsin Militant Atheist Group Demands Town Takes Down Nativity Scene

In Austria, an aggravated Turkish Muselman stormed into a classroom demanding to know what “Advent” was all about.

 The EUSSR and Germany are upset over border checkpoints in the Netherlands…  Egemen Bagis, a Turkish EU minister (did you know that there are Turks in the EU ‘government?) declared “Turkey will never give up Northern-Cyprus” (Türkei invaded Cyprus  1974 and occupies the northern part after driving out all Christians)

In the U.S. Obama Urges US Lawmakers to Go Soft on Iran… In Ontario, a  Cartoon taped to a mosque door has Muslims “stressed and fearful,” prompts hate crime investigation

Legitimate question: WND reporter asks Jay Carney if Obama approves of bestiality in the military? If not, then why dodge the question and why  did he initiate the repeal of bestiality in the first place?

In 1941, even Hollywood weirdo’s were straight shooters, unlike the pathetic bunch of  overpaid Homo-Lesbo’s and sniveling  commie traitors who engage in agit-prop today. Barenaked wonders: Why was the aftermath of the attack on America Dec. 7, 1941 so different than the aftermath of the attack on Sept. 11, 2001?

Arab Spring Anyone? Certainly not in Egypt: Newly elected radical Islamic leader issues fatwa against women wearing high heels

In Toronto, Shiites freak out in blood orgy:

In Iraq, attacks and threats continue against Christians, while the world looks the other way….  In Australia, there is a bit of resistance against the totalitarian allures of the utterly corrupt Labor government: No to the enemies of free speech

On the other hand,  the wheels of the global warming gravy train are oiled, only to deflect from the unpleasant realities of the Mohammedan invasion: Barney Zwartz gently introduces Age readers to some awkward realities behind the usual pieties and look-aways:  a little outreach will not solve this

 McBunglawussi is pleased that he can eat at McDonalds on Christmas Day, and Associated (with terrorists) Press blames the “radical right” (whoever opposes Islam)  for …. opposing Islam.

In Belgium as elsewhere in EUrabia, there is never enough wakademic cocksuckery for Islam: “ Islam discriminated”, says researcher. As always in these cases, look no further than the money. F*kctards  like this guy are a dime a dozen.