Diversity Means Replacing Everything… With Islam

Friedrich Nietsche:

“When you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you…”

Here’s the Abyss. Warning! Extremely Graphic…!

‘We were sacked for being white and Christian’

Principal and his wife dismissed from Dubai-backed ‘multicultural’ college

Malory Nye says he was forced out by Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education because he was ‘not an Arab and not a Muslim’ (Daily Mail)

Religious tolerance and mutual respect is vital to civilised society. But gutless capitulation to other religions deserves nothing but contempt

We are told that our beliefs, culture and symbols – from a cross round someone’s necks to the celebration of Christmas itself – might be offensive to those who do not share our beliefs. In other words, we have to alter our behaviour because they won’t tolerate us. Our bigotry is bad. Their bigotry is enshrined in law.

This is crazy. There is a profound difference between tolerance on the one hand and cowardly appeasement on the other.

Army of Islam Top Dog Meets Virgins

Nice shooting

Israel killed the leader of an al Qaeda-inspired faction in an airstrike on the Gaza Strip on Friday, accusing him of launching short-range rockets into the Jewish state.  Five other Pal-Arabs were wounded and one of them needed hospital treatment…. (Vlad)

Soccer Jihad

French women’s groups protest FIFA decision to endorse hijab

 Three French women’s organizations have expressed concern and disappointment with world soccer body FIFA’s endorsement of a proposal to lift the ban on women players wearing a hijab, an Islamic hair dress, on the pitch.


Burqa Arrest Causes Riot

The incident arose when the police attempted to check the woman’s identity.

Police officer Roland Thiébault :“Her husband refused to let us carry out an identity check invoking the woman’s human rights. The couple became more and more aggressive . There was a violation of the ban on wearing the burqa. Resistance was offered to police officers. There was slander and threats were issued at the police.”

Islam wants to rule the world

Bischof Damian: Islam will die Welt beherrschen  (PI- in German)

The chairman of the central committee of Muslims warns us not to blame Islam for the mass-murders of Copts and elsewhere in  Islam- occupied lands. Bishop Damian tells us that Islam is very much responsible for the carnage…..

Waehrend der  Vorsitzende des Zentralrats der Muslime, Aiman Mazyek, davor warnt, den Islam als Auslöser für die Anschläge auf die Kirchen zu sehen, betrachtet Bischof Damian sehr wohl einen Zusammenhang und sagt: “Der Islam will die Welt beherrschen”

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  1. They look like they were sacked for being “too happy”.
    Nice looking couple. Too bad. Islam is ruling Europe and UK, Australia to follow soon.

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