Maldives shuts down spa resorts over 'anti-Islamic' activities

Who needs investments and a tourist industry when you got Islam?

Protests led by Islamist opposition claims luxury spas are front for prostitution and called for their closure

The Maldives relies on its luxury spa resorts for much of its tourist income. Associated (with terrorists) Press

The government in the Maldives has ordered hundreds of luxury resorts to close their spas after a protest led by opposition parties demanding a halt to “anti-Islamic” activities.

Sunni Islam is the official religion in the Maldives and practising any other faith is forbidden.


Last week’s protest was called by the opposition Adhaalat (Justice) party, which accuses the government of compromising Islam.

The protesters also want the authorities to ban the sale of alcohol, shut down brothels they say are operating in the guise of massage parlours and demolish monuments that they see as idols.

They also wanted to halt a plan to allow direct flights to Israel.

Though the country does not allow stoning or executions, it is under scrutiny for its absence of religious freedom and for punishments such as public flogging.

Debates on religious issues have emerged since a group vandalised a monument gifted by Pakistan marking a South Asian summit last month with the image of Buddha. Buddhism was part of the present Islamic republic’s history.

An angry protest last month followed a call by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay for the Maldives to end floggings of women being punished for adultery.

10 thoughts on “Maldives shuts down spa resorts over 'anti-Islamic' activities”

  1. The Maldives will be flooded soon thanks to rising sea levels. Note that these parasites (islamic scum from the Maldives) will try to settle in Australia and Europe. We need to make sure, and we need to make sure that our governments understand, that this cannot be allowed. We do not want or need these religious thugs in our countries – and their current behavior against non-muslims is justification enough.

  2. Don’t believe that for a moment, kaw!

    Globull worming is the greatest scam since the Obamster was pushed into the white house.

    The Maldives will outlive us and our grand-grand children and beyond.

    I just hope they’re not as dumb as we are and pay them the jiziya!

  3. I have heard that the country (Maldives) is sinking.

    Hopefully, being an islamic country, that actually means into the depths of hell…

  4. I have heard the same and that they were wanting a part of aussie to set up as a new islamic state.This used to be in the news a few years ago..Kiri bati is also looking for somewhere to move its people to..a small pop in NZ already..I think they are all Christians.

  5. Dear Sheik and others,
    As a scientist I am open minded about global warming and its causes. That climatic changes are active is observable, for example there are, at present, significant decreases in global ice volume (i.e. glaciers in Himalayas and Europe, break up of polar ice sheets etc) however the causes are far from clear, which is not what one would understand when listening to the “global warming crowd”. Be that as it may, sea levels are rising and the Maldives will disappear unless this trend halts. The question is over what time scale and I would have to do some serious study in this area before I would be even willing to discuss a prediction – the problem is immensely complex. At present the concept of climate control belongs to the future – we may be able to influence local/global climate but we cannot predict how with a high degree of accuracy which means, by definition, that control is not a realistic present day option. Incidentally, the amount of energy required to “control” the global climate system is significantly larger than what we can manage with present technology. So let’s forget about climate control as so glibly spat out by the uneducated politicians. What we can do is figure out ways of living with the consequences – and I think we should make it clear to the maldive muslims that they are not welcome due to their treatment of non-muslims in their society. This is a useful lever – if they do not cease their islamic thuggery simply deny access to our countries for their citizens, We do not want them, we do not need them. and they can drown for all they are worth. Additionally we can use climate models (still a developing art) to predict what regions are likely to suffer significantly and develop policy to either assist the troubled region, or to protect us from harm (ie limiting number of economic refugees). As for jizya, under no circumstance should any person be forced to pay a tax on account of their personnel belief, and any muslim that supports such a concept should be removed from our society.

    Given the evil that is islamic behavior you can be quite confident that many pious muslims who have followed the quran and the advice of imans without thought for the consequences and morality of their actions will be sent to where you have suggested. We however, have to protect the next generations from these islamic thugs – that is our duty.

  6. The deceitful Green NAZI’s quickly changed their Global Warming BS to Climate Change once they realised that their bluff had been called and their manipulation of data had exposed it for the scam it was. That so called intelligent people can believe that the miniscule proportions , a small fraction of 1%, of all the CO2 released in to the atmosphere that MAN produces is the sole cause of the NATURAL phenomenon of Climate Change , is just beyond credibility. The Green NAZIs of course count on the stupidity of the unwashed masses in swallowing that stupidity when they hang it on to the reality of NATURAL Climate Change. They are not wrong in doing so either the unwashed masses most certainly are stupid. This type of propaganda, find a real situation then hang a huge Left Wing lie on it, is a typical Left Wing moonbat ploy and was used by Stalin, Hitler, Mao and all the other left wing dictators.

  7. As long as “sinking islands” are an integral part of climate-gate, where the sivilized world is being threatened into paying climate-jizya to the muslim world, I think we’re fairly on topic here, aren’t we?

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