I tried to tell you. Among the many noteworthy aspects of this article is the fact that the Copts know full well that Sharia means denial of rights to women and non-Muslims. Only in the West, where no one knows anything about Sharia, can deceptive Islamic apologists get away with claiming that Sharia is nothing in particular, but rather a sprawling multiplicity that cannot be pinned down to any specifics.

“Islamist parties’ electoral success in Egypt has Copts worried,” by Jeffrey Fleishman for the Los Angeles Times, December 11

 Raymond Ibrahim,  (Middle East specialist and Associate fellow, Middle East Forum) testified before the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission in the House of Representatives. Reps. Frank Wolf and James McDermott presented “Under Threat: The Worsening Plight of Egypt’s Coptic Christians.”

More testimony in the US on the Copts and persecution of Christians in Islamic world

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What, me worry?

John Kerry says America welcomes Egypt’s election results

Pamela Geller: Which America is that?

The Egyptians clearly do not think this much of this clown: look at the picture the Egyptian news site ran of this overpaid boulevardier to Teresa Heinz. Is he doing Obama’s bidding? And to think this modern-day Stan Laurel might have been president …

Newt shakes up the libtards:

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