Hamas Front CAIR Wins Big Against Small Blog…


Bare Naked is back!

WordPress now saying that CAIR had nothing to do with their decision to take the blog of the web, (despite CAIR bragging about it all over the internet). But they still want it off by Jan. 6th.

“Bare Naked Islam” was “one of the major promoters of the campaign to pressure Lowe‘s to drops its ads from TLC’s ‘All-American Muslim.’”

“An anti-Muslim hate blog” that contained inflammatory comments has been taken down by its hosting company after numerous complaints from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, PR Newswire reports.

Planting hateful and incendiary comments on anti-jihad blogs is a long-time speciality of  Hamas lobby CAIR.

In a sane world this treacherous mob would have long been arrested and locked up in Gitmo, without Korans and ice-cream…

The Blaze has a lot more>>

10 thoughts on “Hamas Front CAIR Wins Big Against Small Blog…”

  1. Bare naked islam isn’t a “hate” blog, it’s a “TRUTH” blog, that’s why CAIR HATES it so much.

  2. Sheik,
    the mussies will try saturating this site with manufactured messages as they did on “Bare Naked Islam”. I suggest that a log of message info (ie ip addresses, trace route etc) is kept for all out-of-character messages which posted here – this will help build a data base which can be used to help prosecute these dishonest, lying islamic thugs.

  3. Man , don’t they squeal..yet we are expected to stay silent over all there violence..Note their violence is not threats , it is wholesale barbarity and murder. They seem to hate truth getting out , so keep up the good work everyone.

  4. “Violence against Muslims doubled across the country…” Nice, correct, balanced reporting (not). Not a word about the violence by Muslims doubling across the country. It’s good that BNI is up again but for the moment it is only a respite till Jan 6th, 2011.

  5. What was left out of the story was any of CAIR’s Legal Trouble

    The Morris Days case where CAIR defrauded fellow Muslims in immigration legal scam.

    The FBI severing all contact with the group based on ties to nefarious activity.

    CAIR Principles arrested:
    Abdurahman Muhammad Omar Alamoudi – Assassination plot of fellow Muslim – 23 years in jail and still serving time

    Sami Amin Al-Arian
    Bassem Abdo Alhalabi (Al-Halabi) – Plead guilty to assault and battery at Florida State Capitol against Joe Kaufman and The United WEst cameraman
    Morris Jamil Days
    Ghassan Elashi – 21 Counts Conspiracy

    And the list goes on and on…..

  6. Shiek
    Firstly I would like to wish you a good new year.
    Secondly I am afraid I have to respond to “when*pigs*fly “comment
    “Bare naked islam isn’t a “hate” blog, it’s a “TRUTH” blog, that’s why CAIR HATES it so much.”

    As you know, I was blogging and publishing graphic material long before BNI arrived to the anti-jihad scene. While I was blogging, I had one golden rule, don’t put anything up unless it was 100% truth. Unfortunately, BNI does not care of the truth.

    BNI has scores of images of beheading, claiming the are committed by muslims, when in fact the images are from the Dayak/Madura conflict, where the victims where in fact muslims. When myself and several other bloggers from Indonesia pointed this out we where met with a lot of abuse, and where accused of being muslims. What was even worse one of the Indonesians, Jasmine, an ethnic chinese Christian from Jakarta received a lot of abuse, what made matters worse, was she used to comment a lot at Jihad Watch, also she witnessed the jakarta riots first hand, where several hundred Chinese women where raped and slaughter.

    Barenakedislam is not a trustworthy site

    Proof… go there and look at Thailand muslims behead 9year old boy, you will find no link to the source. Now google Hallucinating Father Kills Two Sons Before Hanging Himself.

    There scores of blatant lies to be found at BNI, so the woes that BNI are her own fault, BNI left her self wide open,


    1. Happy New Year Shiva, my old friend!

      How are you keeping? Drop me an e-mail once you find the time!

      Point taken, yes indeed, BNI is often inaccurate, but don’t forget it was the comments that brought it down. All too often musel-props like CAIR plant comments to get at you.

  7. If we are going to combat islam, one of our best weapons is truth, not become blatant liars like the scum at CAIR

  8. “An anti-Muslim hate blog”???

    Ah, the usual beast rears its all too predictable head. A quick translation of this rhetorical device aimed at shutting down reason and debate is needed here…

    “A blog that cites, questions and critiques the teachings, aims and ethos of Islam”

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