Honor Killings: Muslim-Santa Murders Family of Six on Christmas Day

Islamic honor killing in Texas:

“Santa” who murdered family on Christmas morning was Muslim who didn’t like his daughter dating a non-Muslim

Tomorrow’s headlines today: Muslim community fears ‘backlash’ over mass-killing which has ‘nothing to do with Islam’, hardly anyone knew him in his mosque,  imam condemns all ‘acts of terrorism’, such terrible crimes tarnish the good name of Islam….. (fill in the rest)

Nona Yazdanpanah, 19, was one of six victims.

“Neighbors horrified at news of family’s slayings in Grapevine,”-- Dallas Morning News, December 26

“He was very friendly, a very good neighbor,” said Carrie Stewart, who lives across the street. “He was out here often doing yard work and he even watched our house for us when we went to Colorado.”

A decent fellow indeed. Read more: (Islamic honor killing in Texas, JW)

A Santa-suited gunman who killed six people on Christmas morning was the estranged husband of one of the victims and the father of two teenagers who died in the massacre.

Aziz Yazdanpanah, 56, showed up to his estranged wife’s apartment on Christmas morning dressed like St. Nick and opened fire shortly after the family had unwrapped presents.

Yazdanpanah then killed himself.


Honor Killings in Canada Prompts Debate on Muselmanic Invasion

About time:

Canada takes in 250,000 immigrants a year, more per capita than anywhere save Australia, and in recent years a number of so-called honor killings have prompted debate about absorbing immigrants into the mainstream and dealing with culture clashes between immigrant parents and their children. Even before the trial, Rona Ambrose, the women’s affairs minister, had said the federal government was considering making such killings a separate category in the criminal code. (The Blaze)

 Muslim father beats daughter to death in Sri Lanka

“Muslim baby was at risk of ‘honour killing,'”
‘It would be a matter of intense, almost unimaginable shame to him and his family’  –Mrs Justice Parker
The lunacy of co-existing with Islam… Every year an untold number of British girls are the victim of honor killings, recently a British court took notice.

It is rather astounding that hyperdhimmi England moved on this case, as “Islamophobic” as it would be to take any official notice of the risk to this child. But Muslims are responsible for 91 percent of honor killings worldwide, and that is no accident, since Islamic law stipulates no penalty for a parent who kills his child. Apparently sometimes even dhimmi officials can’t ignore that. But no worries, mate: the adopting couple is, of course, Muslim as well. Placing the child in any other setting would have overloaded the British officials’ “Islamophobia” meter.

“Muslim baby was at risk of ‘honour killing,’” from Reuters, December 20

They celebrated Christmas:

Vlad has another vid from  from the Iranian killer in Santa Claus disguise:

Here is an article from the Star-Telegram’ which says they were a Muslim family but celebrated Christmas as an American cultural practice.

11 thoughts on “Honor Killings: Muslim-Santa Murders Family of Six on Christmas Day”

  1. I just wanted to state the obvious. The picture of that baby leaves me wondering how anyone could ever kill such a beautiful gift from God.

  2. “Muslim community fears ‘backlash’ ”

    This is a very real fear, in a culture where one man being accused of burning a few pages of the koran causes 30 shops to be torched, ‘backlash’ is what muslims understand best.
    The correct answer is not to mock them for their mistake but to explain:

    We don’t do al’lah – so we don’t do backlash.

  3. A tragedy for sure, but at least he killed himself so we don’t have to hear about what a “good fellow” he was forever. More proof that Islam is the religion of blood and guts.

  4. This could happen in NonMuslim families as well this happens in Muslim families so to say this would only happen Muslim families in so totally insane and that is a fact.

  5. Hello Carol,

    The difference is, Muslims believe they are fulfilling a religious duty when they engage in honor killings. No other religion practices this insanity any more to the degree that we see in Islam.

    I try to avoid stereotypes, but in the case of Muslims, it is not just a stereotype. Muslims have a religious duty to engage in honor killings, even against family member, if they step outside of Islamic law and teachings….

  6. Oyes one more thing remember ISLAM IS TOLLERANCE

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