Iran Prepares For War

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have been put on a war footing amid increasing signs that the West is taking direct action to cripple Iran’s nuclear programme.   Last week another mysterious explosion caused significant damage to Iran’s uranium conversion facility at Isfahan.

How to Eliminate Israel from the Planet:

Iran promotes genocidal book by Muslim seminarians, published by Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance

Why can’t we do the same?

If Muslims can unite in order to wipe Israel off the map, why can’t we who support Israel do the same?

Mahmoud, what are you doing?! First you claim to have captured CIA agents. Now you’ve unleashed “students” on the British Embassy. If you weren’t nuts, you’d pipe down, sit back and let Barry allow Sharia to go viral all around you. Don’t you realize that shouting DEATH TO AMERICA seriously hampers Barry’s re-election plans? That’s the one thing that can get you in serious trouble with the One. If you could only quiet your inner mad dog, Barry will take care of that DOWN WITH AMERICA thing for you too. –Dale  (I own the world)

Obama “Philanthropist” Soros claims world financial system not only isn’t functioning, it’s on the brink of collapse….

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