Islamo-Lobby Tries to Bully Free Enterprise Into Financing Musel-Prop


30 Headbangers Try to Intimidate & Blackmail Lowes

American businesses can spend their money any which way they want. However, the way the leftist media loons shill for Islam you’d think they had an obligation to invest in Musel-propaganda……

The scum of the earth. Name them and shame them! There are  32 congress bag-men in the pocket of the Islamo-lobby, but we know only three names:  “Hansen Clarke, Gary Peters and John Dingell”- if readers could help us with the names of the others it would be much appreciated. Laws for sedition, treason and subversion still apply. Imagine if a lobby of congressmen had tried to bully American businesses into promoting Japan-propaganda after Pearl Harbor!  Why do we let these MF’s get away with their pernicious activities?

Three Michigan Congressmen write to Lowe’s demanding it advertise on All-American Muslim

Apparently now Muslims have a natural right to have their businesses and enterprises patronized by non-Muslims, or else. And so now Clarke, Peters and Dingell, three Michigan (what a coincidence) Congressmen, are demanding that a private company be forced to advertise where it does not wish to.

“Hansen Clarke, Gary Peters and John Dingell sign letter to Lowe’s chairman,” by Ashley C. Woods for, December 16 (thanks to JW):


CAIR Plays the Victim Card with Lowe’s (Brigitte Gabriel)

If Lowe’s were anti-Muslim, it obviously never would have sponsored TLC’s ‘All-American Muslim’ in the first place. . . Which should serve as a warning to potential advertisers of similar pro-Islam propaganda.

US Representatives Hansen Clarke (D-Detroit), Gary Peters (D-Bloomfield Twp.) and John Dingell (D-Dearborn) were among 32 congressmen who authored a letter asking Lowe’s chairman and chief executive to reconsider his advertising decision regarding “All-American Muslim.”The home-improvement chain pulled its advertising from the TLC show, which examines the lives of five Muslim families in Dearborn, after pressure from right-wing groups.

Loew’s [sic] has said it does not plan to reconsider its decision, which hasn’t stifled nationwide outrage.

In an unrelated political move, California Senator Ted Lieu has said he is considering calling for a boycott of the corporation.

Dec. 15, Press & Guide: “I am concerned with Lowe’s decision to pull advertising on a show that depicts the lives of five Metro Detroit Muslim-American families,” said Peters, a Bloomfield Township Democrat. “This action is unacceptable and it appears the decision was made out of intolerance for Muslims. Metro Detroit is home to one of the largest Muslim communities in United States and I’m proud of our diverse culture.”…

Sultan Knish:


For the first time in weeks All-American Muslim is back in the news, not for anything on the show, but over the commercials. A number of sponsors have stopped advertising on the show, including Lowe’s. Muslim groups and their supporters have taken this development in stride by trying to blackmail the home improvement chain into advertising on the failing TLC series.

Is blackmail the right word? California State Senator Ted Lieu threatened boycotts and more disturbingly “legislative remedies” if Lowe’s doesn’t submit. Lieu, who clearly doesn’t believe in the separation of mosque and state, is shamelessly pandering to his Muslim constituents but his thuggery is fundamentally un-American and dangerous. No advertiser should be compelled to sponsor any television show.

All-American Muslim started out strong with 1.7 million viewers and a 0.9 share of adults 18-49, the demographic most coveted by advertisers. Advertisers will pay money for low-rated shows so long as they have a high 18-49 share. But by the second episode it had lost 600,000 viewers and its 18-49 share was down to 0.5. The week after that it was the lowest rated cable show on the top 100 for the night. And last week’s episode was bad enough that it appears to have fallen out of the top 100 completely.

The question then is why would Lowe’s or any other company want to pay good money for that? And why should a political thug like Senator Lieu be able to abuse his office by threatening a company that if they don’t advertise on a particular show then he will target them with “legislative remedies,”

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