Israel Retaliates…

IDF exports Islamic Jihad rocket scientist to the virgins

Israel kills Islamic Jihad rocket launcher  (Elder of Ziyon)

In case you were worried that the victim was an innocent civilian, the Islamic Jihad newspaperPalestine Today helpfully provides us with a photo and video of the dead man, Aeraar Ismail, 22….

Car swarm!

Israeli strike kills 2 (Islamic)  terrorists in Gaza  (eye on the world)

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — An Israeli airstrike on a car near a crowded park in downtown Gaza City killed two militants on Thursday, the second missile strike this week after a period of relative calm.  More…

Pali terrorists fire Qassam rocket from Gaza into Israel

 Israel expels Hamas official who was hiding at the Red Cross compound in Jerusalem to the West Bank–JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel has expelled a Hamas lawmaker who was recently arrested after seeking refuge in the Red Cross’ office in east Jerusalem.  (Next time you’re asked to donate to the Red Cross, think twice of how your money may be used.)

Vlad Tepes links:

President Obama, please, “Stop Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood…”

“…the founders of Hamas and al-Qaeda are not moderate.”

Terrorist Planning Terror Attack on the Israel-Egypt Border Targeted by IAF

Business as usual: “Violence feared” over repairs in Temple Mount area

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  1. I think we have found ‘Darwins’ missing link.

    To think those fakenstinians believe Jews are descendants of apes and pigs when that picture (ape standing next to mortar) shows a fully grown rock ape.

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