Italian Loner Strikes Fear in the Hearts of Muslims….

“Lone Wolf” Alert

“He was a bit strange, a bit of a loner but he didn’t seem crazy. He was living in his own world….”

“Italian Gunman” Strikes Terror in the Hearts of Africans

Don’t even mention the fact that they instantly went on a rampage terrorizing the residents of  Florence and damaging their property in the process. But wait: its not Friday yet. The terror hasn’t even started in earnest…. Meanwhile, al BeBeeCeera’s heart bleeds uncontrollably…..

Around 200 Senegalese marched through the city in an angry protest after the shootings, shouting “Shame!” and “Racists!” Hundreds of immigrants illegal Musulmani were later seen praying on their knees in tears in front of Florence’s famous cathedral. (Al Jizz)

Bunglawussi Droppings

British Freedom Party chairman interviewed

Paul Weston:

“Mr. Farage has actually come out and said that he will not say anything about Islam because he will no longer be invited on to BBC television programs…”

School Called ‘Impure’ After Muslim Wedding

“Exaggerated response.”

How the Mail provoked “ignorant hysteria” over New Zealand lamb

Muslims believe in jinn, among other things. They also believe that eating halal meat makes infidels convert to Islam. Besides, the halal certification racket finances the global jihad.

Jon Morgan, farming editor of the Dominion Post, calls on the New Zealand government and meat industry to challenge the “anti-halal hysteria” promoted by the Daily Mail.    Click to read more …

“The Show Sucks”

KAYAK explains its decision for pulling its advertising off ‘All-American Muslim’

They really didn’t mean it:

“Today’s law is to kill anti-Islam activists… and those who support them”

AMSTERDAM — An Islamist group called for  Muslim lesbian author Irshad Manji to be killed and invaded a discussion on Islam in Amsterdam last week.

A message from Oriana Fallaci:

I don’t go pitching tents at Mecca. I don’t go singing Our Fathers and Hail Marys in front of Mohammed’s tomb. I don’t go peeing on the marble of their mosques; I don’t go shitting at the feet of their minarets. When I find myself in their countries (something from which I never derive pleasure), I never forget that I am a guest and a foreigner. I am careful not to offend them with clothing or gestures or behavior that are normal for us but impermissible to them. I treat them with dutiful respect, dutiful courtesy, and I excuse myself when through mistake or ignorance I infringe some rule or superstition of theirs. And the images I’ve had before my eyes while writing this scream of pain and indignation haven’t always been those of the apocalyptic scenes I started with. Sometimes I see another image instead, a symbolic (and therefore infuriating) one: the huge tent with which the Somalian Muslims disfigured and befouled and profaned the Piazza del Duomo at Florence for three months last summer. My city.

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  1. All American girl killed
    because she was blond and beautiful, with blue eyes?

    “Eve Carson, the University of North Carolina student president brutally murdered by two thugs in 2008, pleaded for her life and even asked them to pray with her, startling court testimony has revealed.

    The 20-year-old was kidnapped as she left the library on March 5, 2008 and forced to take out money from an ATM before she was shot five times.

    Jayson McNeil, of Durham, an acquaintance of the two men accused of killing Ms Carson, said in court yesterday that he was told what happened.

    Read more:


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