Its all happening, right before our very eyes….


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Pamela has this from the Bay area:

Prayer a part of public school life: Separation of Mosque and State?

Demo prayers, in your face!

“We do it because our parents want us to,” fourth-grader Ayan Artan said. “It’s important.”

 This is wrong. Muslims do not have to pray during school; they can make it up before or after class. Islamic supremacism on the march. Separation of church and state. Separation of mosque and state.

“The issue of students praying in school has come up a number of times this year, in part, because we have an increasing number of students who practice the Islam faith, many of whom are Somali students,” said Barbara Dorff, director of student services for the district. “But it is our responsibility to find a private place for these students to pray and to allow them to pray.”

Why is it the school’s responsibility? If the children are so religious, why aren’t they in madrassa?

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HAMAS-Lobby CAIR has been quietly indoctrinating Tampa-area public high school students with Islamic propaganda (BNI)

Hassan Shibley is telling your children that Abraham, Moses, and Jesus were all prophets of Islam.

Why is Hassan Shibly, executive director of CAIR-Tampa, and avowed Islamic terrorist supporter, allowed to speak in American classrooms?

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  1. I’ve just watched the youtube video on the Lakemba project. They focused on Islam being the answer to alcohol addiction. Make sure that the message is out there to people, if you have an alcohol problem, go to Alcoholics Anonymous. Alcoholics Anonymous has a good success rate for giving alcoholics a framework to stop drinking and maintain sobriety.

    No one is going to come and beat you if you bust, as will happen under Sharia Law. I think it is 80 lashes for drinking. AA will help anyone find other solutions for not drinking. We already have something that works in our culture, we don’t need a religion like Islam that will screw up an already fragile individual.

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