Jordanian Sheik Nader Tamimi, Mufti of the Palestinian Liberation Army, to the West: We Will Restore the Caliphate and You Will Pay the Jizya "or Else We Will Bring the Sword to Your Necks"

You have a better chance reasoning with a pack of rabid dogs than with the soldiers of allah.

Brought to you from the land of the plucky little king Abdullah II and his media-darling wife, yet another parasitic Arab nation subsidized by aid from the U.S., the EU and a bunch of oil-rich Arab despots.

Nader Tamimi suffers from the psychology of the Muselman.

“Wherever Islamic psychology rules, there is the inevitable rule of despotism and criminal aggression. They are all emotion, unbalanced, instantaneous, senseless. It is always the lunatic that speaks from their throat.  You can talk ‘business’ with everyone, and even with the devil. But not with Allah… “

Dr A. Carlebach, 57 years ago……


Islamic spokesmen in the West are always telling us that only greasy Islamophobes think that Muslims want to restore the caliphate and force non-Muslims to pay the jizya, the tax on the subjugated dhimmis specified in Qur’an 9:29, or be killed. Sheikh Nader Tamimi must therefore be a greasy Islamophobe in disguise who has somehow become mufti of the Palestinian Liberation Army despite his bigotry and hatred and ignorance of Islam, or else he is a simple garden-variety Misunderstander of Islam.

Note also that another Jordanian sheikh, Sheikh Ahmad Abu Quddum, recently misunderstood Islam in exactly the same way. Can one of the smooth and reassuring Muslim spokesmen in the U.S. straighten these guys out and explain to them how they’re misunderstanding the Religion of Peace? Honest Ibe Hooper? Boy Reza Aslan?Brave Ahmed Rehab? “Man of Peace” Imam Rauf? Can one of you please go over to Jordan and meet with these two sheikhs and explain to them how the caliphate, jizya, and jihad warfare are relics of the distant past, never to be revived?

Or is that all just blague and guff to fool credulous Infidels?

“Jordanian Sheik Nader Tamimi, Mufti of the Palestinian Liberation Army, to the West: We Will Restore the Caliphate and You Will Pay the Jizya ‘or Else We Will Bring the Sword to Your Necks,’” from MEMRI, December 15 (via JW):

Following are excerpts from an address by Jordanian Sheik Nader Tamimi, Mufti of the Palestine Liberation Army, which was posted on the Internet on December 15, 2011:Nader Tamimi: In the Levant, we are involved in a fierce battle, and we will bring about a change in Syria and in the Levant in its entirety. The infidels divided the Levant into four states, and we will reunite them into a single state. The Safavid enterprise that led to Iran occupying Iraq, along with the Americans and the Zionists, will end in the garbage bin of history. The Caliphate in the path of the Prophet will return.


We await the caliph who will address the leaders of the US and Europe and say: From the Emir of the Believers from Jerusalem…

Crowd: Allah Akbar.

Nader Tamimi: to the rulers of the West, this is the religion of Allah. Either you pay the jizya poll tax, or else you will bring the sword to your necks…

Crowd: Allah Akbar.

Crowd member: Say: “Allah Akbar.”

Crowd: Allah Akbar.


Crowd member: The people wants the restoration of the Caliphate.

Nader Tamimi along with crowd: The people wants the restoration of the Caliphate.

Raymond Ibrahim:

The Specter of Jizya Returns to Egypt

In Egypt, calls for jizya—the tribute doctrinally demanded and historically collected from conquered infidels—are increasing day by day, by those who wish to be true to the words of Koran 9:29:

Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor forbid that which Allah and his Messenger have forbidden, nor follow the religion of truth [Islam], from the People of the Book [Christians and Jews], until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves utterly subdued.

Accordingly, days ago, Ahmed Imran—a candidate of Egypt’s Salafi party, the “Party of Light,” which won some 20% of votes in recent elections—called for the return of jizya (which was abolished under colonial pressure in the mid 19th century). Sounding like a Western apologist of Islamic supremacism, he distorted history and spoke of jizya in glowing terms:

I say to those who fear that we might govern, that it was the Muslims who liberated the Copts from Roman slaughter and that Copts are obligated to pay the jizya, and it will only be half a dinar, taken from the rich and given to their poor.

Earlier, Abu Shadi, another Salafi leader—though not one running for office, and so extra candid—announced that Egypt’s Christians must either convert to Islam, pay jizya and assume inferior status, or die.

Nor is the return of jizya limited to Salafi discourse. Running for Egypt’s presidency,Hazem Abu Ismael, a former Muslim Brotherhood member still affiliated with the group, said he would impose jizya on the Copts.

And Mohamed Saad Katatni—the secretary general of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party which won 40% of the votes—said that Copts would not pay jizya now, implying that the idea of collecting tribute from subdued “dhimmi” Copts is very much alive among the Brotherhood, only dormant till a more opportune moment (naturally, the Brotherhood later denied he said such a thing).

Moreover, increasing numbers of attacks on Christians in Egypt revolve aroundextorting jizya. For instance, last summer a priest was almost

killed at the hands of the Salafis because of his refusal to pay them jizya money…. [T]he church’s priest had declared that the Copts would not pay jizya, in any way, shape, or form. This is what caused the Salafis to want to banish him from the region, so they could collect jizya from the Copts.

Here, then, is another rule of thumb: Wherever and whenever there are calls to return to “true Islam”—whether by 9th century Ibn Hanbal, 14th century Ibn Taymiyya, 18th century Abdul Wahhab, or 21st century Salafis or the countless no-names in between—the non-Muslims among them will always be first to suffer; first, in the words of Koran 9:29, to “pay the jizya [tribute] with willing submission, and feel themselves utterly subdued.”

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and an Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum

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  1. Only Jyzia ..i would take half of the west wealth if i was a strong muslim leader ..not just make them pay jyzia…are you kidding me..after 75 years of stealing their wealth ,destroying their homes,bombing their children and they only want jyzia ….what a nice guy thyis Mufti is..i hope the muslim kaliph will not be as nice to the scum .

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