Lets build 'em a bridge!

180 still missing after asylum boat sinking

It is the second time since the start of November that an overloaded asylum-seeker vessel has sunk off Java.

Yuman Rites racketeer/shyster blames Australian border protection policies:  “… the government’s policy of confiscating boats means the vessels which are used to transport asylum seekers are often unseaworthy – with disastrous results,”

A heavily-overloaded boat packed with about 250 Iranians and Afghans seeking new lives on a mission to islamize  Australia sank about 40 nautical miles off the coast of Prigi beach, in the east of Java island, yesterday afternoon.

Mr Clare said fisherman had rescued 87 survivors, but a report out of Indonesia said only 33 people – 30 men, a woman and two children – had been saved.

They claimed to be Iraqi, Pakistani, Turkish or Saudi nationals and said their papers had been lost at sea.

How f#kcing convenient!

Haidar, an Afghan “studen”t, said he flew from Dubai to Indonesia and boarded a boat in West Java.

Tell me please: he is a Muslim and he already lives in a very wealthy Muslim emirate, Dubai.   WTF gives him the right to come to Australia  on a mission from allah?

The reaction of our insane left is to ask for weaker laws and better boats:

 “Australia should decriminalise people smuggling so that the voyages can be planned in open and seaworthy boats.”  (The Age)

Tim Blair has more:

They’ll keep coming and they’ll keep dying unless Labor returns to the previous government’s policies, which offered little reward for deadly risk. Or we can just ignore the lessons of Christmas Island and Java, and retain policies that even Robert Manne rejects:

Shit happens:

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young yesterday stood by her party’s policies. Pressed on whether the Greens accepted responsibility for the tragedy, Senator Hanson-Young said: “Of course not. Tragedies happen, accidents happen.” 

Refugee Action Coalition coordinator Ian Rintoul said Australia’s decision to criminalise people-smuggling had played a role in the tragedy.  (source)

“Australia’s push for Indonesia to detain asylum-seekers and to criminalise people smuggling directly leads to the kind of tragedy we’ve seen yet again,” he said.

“If the government is worried about people losing their lives at sea, they should decriminalise people-smuggling so that the voyages can be planned in open and seaworthy boats.

“The policy of detaining asylum-seekers in Indonesia means (they) risk imprisonment if they contact authorities if they are concerned about the seaworthiness of any boat.”

Mr Rintoul said any sympathy the government or opposition expressed for the people who died in the latest boat tragedy would amount to “hypocrisy” until the parties adopted humane policy.

“If the government and opposition really had a concern for asylum-seeker lives … they would massively increase our refugee intake from the region, end mandatory detention, decriminalise people-smuggling, remove offshore processing as a policy option and process and resettle refugees from Indonesia.”

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  1. Why not let them have sharia-controlled zones when they get here – it will help to assimilate them, make them feel welcome, celebrate diversity and all the rest …


    The dhimmiticians will fang the Q Society and other islamophobes instead of defending our nation and its people …

  2. NO Fn way could I ever ever want to see what Mullah Lodabullah suggested happen in my country. If they, the muSLIMES, want sharia then they can go back to mecca sand hills and do it there. DONT come here and try to ruin my country with this crap. Even so much better; pick any spot deeper that 3 meters under the Indian Ocean and dump all the muSLIME refugees ‘down there by the boat full’ and let them have Shaira law there.
    AUSTRALIA NEVER AUSTRALLAH (my new message on a T-shirt I have had made)

  3. I propose that we change our current multicultural motto from “United in Diversity” to either “Weaken By Diversity” or “Divided by Diversity”. Which do you think is more appropriate?

  4. I know it sounds cold and harsh but I feel no sympathy for the Islamic fishbait.

    Criminals, illegal entrant criminals.

  5. I have no sympathy either Ironside ..I shock my compatriots by saying so.. All criminals take risks..Anyone taking any risk knows they are in a game of chance..You get on on overcrowded boat..if you are not intelligent enough to know you are taking a serious risk , then you are too thick to ever be anything other than a burden to Australia.

  6. And again … islamist sues UK because his government interrogated him and some spooks from the uk were supposedly present. Must be the new gold rush – lie and then sue the UK


    Btw, this islamic t___ is one of the policy makers in the “new” Libya.

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