Pakistan: "We want peace with jihad"

“Peace with Jihad?”

Cool. I’ll have my jihad with ketchup, okay?

Target-rich environment in Peshawar & Lahore, as 30.000 radical headbangers rally against U.S. 

Tens of thousands rally against US, India in Lahore Pakistan (BCF)

30.000 radical headbangers protest against U.S. in Pakistan

An AFP photographer present at Sunday’s rally put the number of demonstrators at over 40,000 while two senior police officials said more than 70,000 people attended the protest.

The protestors, mainly from Islamist groups and political parties, vowed they would march to the capital Islamabad if the government did not cancel agreements between the US designed to fight terrorism.

Dawn.Com via Vlad

There were also  Christian protests, for entirely different reasons:

Pakistan: Thousands Protest Shoes Bearing Cross (Vlad Tepes)

More than three thousand angry Christians held a protest rally in Lahore yesterday condemning sale of shoes incorporating Christian crosses.

“Our Christian identity has been insulted as Christmas approaches”, said Pastor Samuel King, president of the Pakistan Minorities Movement (PMM).

The group had previously confiscated 1,200 pairs of shoes, inscribed with a cross and Christmas symbols, from a shop. Its owner was arrested on November 26 but freed by police after three days.

The PMM also issued a press statement demanding the re-arrest of the shopkeeper and announced a continued movement in absence of any action. Continue reading →

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