Robert Spencer in Australia; Some Highlights

Robert Spencer has safely returned to the U.S. after touring Australia, where he spoke at various events in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns, sponsored by the Q-Society. We will be posting the highlights here on Winds of Jihad as they become available.

You need to listen to Robert Spencer’s fantastic interview here on ABC Brisbane. Kudos to Steve Austin for having the cojones to get him on the show.

Spencer: Stealth Jihad Makes Inroads in Australia 

Sculptor Sergio Redegalli and his “Say No to Burqas” painting in Sydney

Leftist and Muslim vandals have required Sergio to repaint his mural 63 times — and counting.

The renowned Australian political cartoonist Shem

More here

In his second interview from Down Under, Robert Spencer talks to Sheik Yer’ mami and Vlad Tepes about sharia, jihad, the Islamization of Australia, banning the burka, and related topics:

Interview #2 With Robert Spencer in Australia  (via GoV)

Interview #1 is here.

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  1. WARNING: predictable statement coming up:


    //end of predictability mode.

    I was alarmed (if not completely surprised) to hear that the Islamisation of Australia is already further advanced than the one in the US. America will, however, overtake us if Obama is voted in again, and our Government, with a foreign minister who is kissing muslim bums in order to enter the discredited UN, is voted out.

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