Taliban Burn 'Obscene' Cell Phones

Shouldn’t they rip their eyes out instead?

Talibandits from South Waziristan set ablaze about 300 cellular phones and a number of computers in Wana because the devices were allegedly used to spread  “obscene materials”, media reported December 19.

The Taliban said they would continue to discourage the use of cell phones with cameras and computers and warned that violators would face severe punishment.  

Public beheadings and stoning of adulterous women  is ‘halal’, of course:   (Mobile phones “haram”)

Is Acid Halal or Haram?

I guess we better ask the mufti to give us a fartwa on this one:

Uganda: Pastor in pain after acid attack

Looks like they don’t  have freedom of  (or from)  religion in Uganda….

Pastor Mulinde converted many but he “clashed with some Muslims” who were opposed to his preaching.

ACID ATTACKS on Muslim Women continue as Pakistan finally passes a law that would actually punish the men who do this. Warning: extremely graphic pic’s!

A brainy nut for you to crack:

PressTV – US removes Mullah Omar from terror list

Yes of course we know that Iran Press TV is unfiltered mullah prop, but….

Turns Out Mullah Omar Was Never on the FBI’s Top Terrorists List

No, he will not be visiting Las Vegas anytime soon. And no, the Moonbat Messiah did not invite him for his next iftar dinner in the once white house……

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  1. Thank God they got rid of those discusting phones and computers because they shouldn’t be around so to me there is nothing wrong getting rid of these horrible pictures of women NOTHING.

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