The Cockroach Whisperer

You heard of the horse-whisperer, you probably got a dog whisperer in your neck of the woods, and there might be a cat-whisperer out there somewhere.

In the bizarre world of Islamofascism, however, the Hamas connected Muslim Brotherhood organization CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is now going after Cockroach Whisperers:

One woman in the audience whispered to her friend: “They’re like cockroaches.”

2 thoughts on “The Cockroach Whisperer”

  1. ‘Cockroaches’, well I think that’s insulting too but only to the cockroaches because as we know even though this bug is useless it still has more to offer than Islam.

    At least a cockroach doesn’t, try to change your way of living, leech off the Governement/ taxpayers purse or turn your neighbourhood into a sh*thole warzone.

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