Yusuf pays tribute to WoJ cartoonist Shem

Looking forward to sing Christmas carols with his Christian and Jewish friends, Yusuf Irfan, a self-described “de-radicalized jihadist”  who learned his jihad from “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood agit prop Tariq Ramadan, devotes a full blog-post to WoJ cartoonist Shem, who could do with a little life support:

In San Fran, Marxist Moonbats (also) Sing Christmas Carols.   They dress up as Santa Claus and sing Marxist versions of Christmas carols in front of banks, check it out. For those with strong stomachs, this report  covers what might be the largest gathering of naked drunken moonbat Santas ever to be seen in front of a church.

Here’s Robert with Shem on his recent visit to Australia….

For Yusuf cartoons, scroll down…..

How good is that? Hehe…..