Another day, another mosque….

Ailing West aids its Muselmanic enemies 

Melanie Phillips

WAS there ever a more perverse and self-destructive society than the contemporary West? In its attitude to the Middle East and the Islamic world, it appears to suffer from the political equivalent of auto-immune disease: turning on its allies while embracing its enemies.  Story at The Australian thanks to Mullah

Iran: Everyone’s a Mullah!

Iranian supreme leader: “Everyone is against the satanic US and Israeli dominance and cannot tolerate the cancerous tumor of Israel”

No one can claim this one was taken out of context. This is from Iran’s own English-language propaganda outlet. “‘ME nations battling Zionist autocracy’,” from PressTV, via JW

Islam in Sicily

Mayor signs deal with Qatar to build mosque

A major mosque becoming a place of worship for all Muslims in Sicily could be built in Salemi. The proposal has been made by the mayor of the city, Vittorio Sgarbi, to the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad Ben Kaliffa Al Thani.


Danish People’s Party wants full stop to Muslim immigration

The Danish People’s Party (DPP) wants to put a stop to immigration from Muslim countries, according to a new press release by the party. The party says Muslims don’t integrate and cause big problems with shariah zones, parallel societies and social control. Continue reading

Dutch Moroccan Muselology

Fighting crime causes more crime; going after Islamic terrorists causes more terrorism; banning burqas makes the freedom sack more popular….  but who needs muselmanic advice anyway?

Tangiers: no future here for Romeo and Juliet.

Saudi sex-tourists can get Moroccan whores sent up to their room,  Singles no longer look for a beloved, but for somebody who will inject capital into their lives. Poverty is consuming this country..

Macedonian Muslim leaders  accuse the government of promoting Islamophobia, burn down Orthodox Christian church:

An Orthodox Christian church famed for its valuable icons was set alight in southern Macedonia overnight amid religious tension between Christians and minority Muslims over a carnival in which Orthodox Christian men dressed as women in burkas and mocked the Koran. (source)

 Muslims make up 33 percent of the country’s 2.1 million population–Muslims Irritated Over Carnival

All links thanks to Islam in Europe


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    I battled my way through the Flemish story about love in Tangier, there is nothing about rich Saudis and sex but all about the desperation of girls to do anything to land someone who can take them out of that Islamic hell-hole into civilization.

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