"Athens is unique among the capital cities …"


That’s because the Greeks are so “backward and narrow minded”, according to a commenter on Today’s Zaman. Progress, so we are told, can only come with Islam, and Islam needs more mosques. Those who don’t submit are intolerant indeed:

Greek group appeals against plans to build mosque in Athens

A group of Greeks that includes bishops, academics and military officers have appealed against a parliamentary bill that will allow the construction of a mosque in the Greek capital.

According to the Greek press, a petition submitted to the Council of State in December was signed by Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus, as well as a university professor, naval officers and five residents of the area in which the mosque is planned to be built. The appeal argues that the construction of a mosque would be in violation of the constitution and harmful for national unity. It also cites the high cost of the building project in the face of Greece’s financial crisis.

Known for his far-right views, Seraphim said the bill constituted an anti-Christian action and described it as disrespectful to Christian martyrs. He went on to condemn the Greek parliament for approving such a bill.

The controversial bill was passed in 2006 under the New Democracy party government. Renewed debate over the construction of the mosque began in November after the former Papandreou government made a commitment to complete the project by spring 2012, according to the Greek press.

Although the municipal government of Athens gave the permission required for the mosque to be constructed in 2006, the project remains unfinished due to ongoing resistance. Navy officers have refused to vacate a disused naval base in Athens’ Votanikos district, where the mosque is planned to be built.

Athens is unique among the capital cities of the original 15 member states of the EU in that it does not have a dedicated mosque. Until now, Muslims in Greece have been worshipping in makeshift mosques in basement apartments, coffee shops, garages and old warehouses.

Debate over the construction of a mosque in Athens is not unprecedented. Several resolutions on this issue have been discussed by the Greek parliament since 1939 and a further, draft bill was approved in 2000. However, Muslims in Athens have not enjoyed access to a dedicated mosque due to opposition by the church and previous governments. The cost of the project is estimated to reach up to 16 million euros, according to the 2006 parliamentary bill.

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  1. The Greek Government should ask these muslim Taqqiyah practitioners whether there is one, just one, Church of any denomination in Saudi Arabia. Greece is one of the bastions of Christendom, and has a devout orthodox population. If the muslimanimals feel that they really need a mosque, then they should leave Greece and go to some backwards islamic hellhole. The west does not need islam and its lies and perversions.

  2. There is only one Greece, but dozens of backwards Muslims lands hemorrhaging millions of economic refugees nonstop. (Nothing unique about that.)

    If the Greeks want to be “unique” and preserve their culture and way of life — particularly in a capital city heavily beset by “migrants” — by prohibiting mosque development, then more power to ’em! The hordes of arrogant, whining muslim colonizers have been appeased throughout the West enough already.

  3. Greece and Spain both suffered centuries of Islamic suppression until they shook of the yoke of their masters. Now their leaders are lining up to put it back on.

  4. Good on Greece – and the EU can go and f___ itself to death – wait – that is what is happening!

  5. If the Greeks do not allow mosques to be built, they will be in trouble with the EU – no further money will be made available. This is what is happening to Hungary.

  6. Greece should ban the burka like France and Italy have and fine the muselmaniacs who don’t take off their garbage bags.

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