Australia: Foxes Needed to Guard Chicken Coop, Hiring Now!

ASIO boss clown says we need more Muslim recruits to combat terror threats in Australia

Fantasy based policies against jihad, that’ll work like a charm!
SIMON BENSON National Political Editor From: The Daily Telegraph thanks to Mullah

THE country’s top spy boss says ASIO must recruit more Muslims into the intelligence agency as the fear of a home grown terror attack remained a “real threat”.

In a rare public talk, ASIO director general David Irvine, said the future spies would be recruited from newly arrived migrant communities.

Speaking at the Sydney Institute, Mr Irvine said ASIO needed to do more to reach out to Australian Muslim communities.

“ASIO is not against Islam,” he said. “It is against terrorism.

“ASIO needs to recruit more people from within our newly arrived migrant communities.”

“I believe we can do better to convince communities that ASIO is not a threat to their cohesion or their integration into Australian life but exists to protect them.”

But he said there was a disturbing trend emerging in Australia of the potential for home grown terrorism and there was a need for ever greater vigilance.

“This is not an abstract or an offshore threat,” he said. “It is real and it is amongst us.”

Referring to disrupted terrorist plots in Australia, Mr Irvine said: “Three of these attacks would have been the work of home grown groups with little or no direct contact with al-Qa’ida or its overseas affiliates”.

“Worrying too, we are continuing to see a number of Australians seeking to travel overseas for participation in – or facilitation of – terrorism related activities.

“My concern is that such people may target innocent people overseas, assist those who would do harm to our nation, or might return to Australia with greater knowledge, training and intent to carry out an act of terrorism back home.”

But Mr Irvine said the threat was not confined to Islamic radicals, referring to the recent bomb and shooting attack in Norway.

“The sickening shootings in Norway by a right wing extremist reminds us that the threat to our people can come from different directions, and in different guises – even from those who are blond and blue-eyed,” he said.

On the other side of the ledger, Mr Irvine admitted that the debate about civil liberties and intelligence gathering was a valid one to have.

“I believe however that the vast majority of Australians expect their governments to take all necessary actions to protect their community and further the national interest,” he said.

He said ASIO has no plans for a “grand expansion” of its spy network but said it would need to lift recruitment to meet the demands or cyber terrorism as well as traditional forms of terror.

5 thoughts on “Australia: Foxes Needed to Guard Chicken Coop, Hiring Now!”

  1. I have a cunning plan. Why not outsource ASIO to al Qaeda – they know all that is going on on the Jihad front.

  2. That ASIO is “not against Islam” encapsulates the problems we face and will continue to face.
    Mr Irvine – Islam is against YOU and all of US; it is your duty to protect this nation from THEM. Sadly, they arrive, much to our chagrin but, once here, YOU have the means and ability to control them. If a security organisation charged with protecting national interests fails to identify the problem, what chance the people?
    Get with the program…… or get off the pot.

    (Recently having installed wife and daughter in western Sydney I am now cheek by jowl with muslime thrice weekly. The aggressive distancing of themselves from mainstream Australia is so evident, as are the overt acts of hostility. We are heading for confrontation and chaos, all government instigated. Wake up, Australia. And remember, tomorrow is Oz Day – no flags, no pride, you redneck bastards!)

  3. When morons like Mr Irvine live in a fantasy world, what hope have we of protecting our country??

    He needs to get hit over the head with a clue-bat -Islam IS the problem, not ‘extreme elements within Islam’. Anybody who has taken time to even lightly skim through the Koran and who is not infected with the deadly political correctness virus would see it for what it is and would realise that Islam is totally incompatible with normal decent civilisation.

  4. In a Daily Telegraph article Simon Benson reports today on a recent speech
    by ASIO chief David Irvine.
    In this speech the ASIO chief outlines a need to recruit more Muslims into
    ASIO but to not regard Islam
    as the problem behind global terrorism. He further assures us that terrorism
    is not Islam-specific
    by pointing out the Oslo bombing and shootings of last year were committed
    by a blue-eyed blonde Norwegian.

    It should go without saying that ASIO has enough insiders and ex-Muslims on
    the payroll, both here and
    overseas, to fulfil it’s duties to the Australian people.

    But does the ASIO chief indeed believe Islamic terrorism is not entirely
    motivated by Islamic scripture, the doctrine of Islamic supremacy and
    Islamic global expansion? Does he not know when confronted with Islam there
    are but three choices? Australians can only hope Mr Irvine and his team are
    well aware of this historical fact. If not he better book some briefings by
    Robert Spencer or the; or sit down
    for a few hours with Mark Durie. But to publicly deny, ignore or wish away
    the one source of the key thread to our Western civilisation is defeatist
    and dangerous.

    Two generations ago the Labor government of Neville Chamberlain choose to
    put their head in the sand when faced
    by another totalitarian system. This defeatist and dangerous denial of
    reality has likely cost millions of lives.
    Si vis pacem, para bellum.

    Since there is no global terror thread from Buddhist, Jewish, Christian,
    Hindu or Agnostic fundamentalists, our government agencies should honestly
    point out where the root cause of the terrorism problem lies.
    Then both Muslims and non-Muslims will understand this is a serious mater.
    Then we all know where the line must be drawn and we can make an informed
    decision for our future. This is how we deal with environmental and health
    threats, this is how we must also deal with a mortal socio-political thread.

    Clearly pointing out where the danger lies and responding accordingly will
    also help us avoid another Anders Behring Breivik and an Oslo-style massacre
    in Sydney or Canberra. Did Anders Behring Breivik bomb and shoot because he
    wanted the Vikings or fundamental Christians to rule the world? Was it not
    rather in his mind that the political elite of Norway had sold out and
    destroyed his country and civilisation? Fact is he did not bomb a mosque or
    shoot Muslims.
    He bombed a government building occupied by a socialist government and he
    murdered the next generation of young socialist. Not Allah-worshipping
    Muslims, but the defeatist socialist political elite were the enemy in his

    If the Australian government and it’s agencies continue to publicly deny the
    truth and disregard the clear signs of danger; if our political, cultural
    and media elites continue to show distain for the well-founded fears and
    grievances of the wider population, are they not likely to breed more Anders
    Behring Breivik do-alikes?

    An open and truthful approach makes much more sense than the current “head
    in sand” denialist tactic. We must stop
    to waste public resources and we must stop taking away more and more civil
    liberties from everyone, in the hope to catch a few criminals or Islamic

    Know thy enemy, profile the target group – and then focus and swiftly deal
    with it.
    Let us hope this simple but highly successful approach has not been purged
    from the ASIO manuals
    by some islamophilistic Quislings.

    Unfortunately the current POTUS and venerated example to our own current
    socialist government has already set a bad precedent.

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