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“UN Standards”

New laws will be scrutinised to meet the UN standard

Our laws are to be measured against the standards set by the UN, one of the world’s greatest cesspits of institutionalised bureaucratic inefficiency where totalitarian governments are permitted to parade their prejudices against democracies with impunity, and even to applause.  (Piers Akerman)

All Pirates are equal, but ours are more equal than others

The Asylum Racket

Your Ticket, Sir:

“All you need is a document from the Taliban saying you can’t live in Kabul… and make sure you stick to your story!”

The Guardian interviews  an Afghan people smuggler  (Tim Blair: SOFT NATION)


 Without documents, asylum seekers have a blank canvas on which to sketch their history and claims. Provided the claims disclose a well-founded fear of persecution for Convention reasons, and the story is told reasonably well, they get a protection visa.

Yes, but will he deliver?

Hand it over, fools:

They want how much of our cash?

Beg your pardon?

Australia could be asked to contribute as much as $US8 billion to a new $US500 billion raising by the IMF to help protect “innocent bystanders” from the euro zone crisis.

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What’s with these international bodies and their begging bowls?

Australia, in conjunction with other developed countries, has committed to a goal of jointly mobilising US$100 billion annually by 2020 for climate change mitigation and adaptation action in developing countries.

How much control do mere voters have over international bodies with these colossal funds at their disposal?

Australia’s fuel tank is almost empty.

Labor has tried to hide the evidence…