But, but… he was Saddam Hussein's Musician!

A Tyrant’s Toady, I guess that makes him a celebrity like David Hicks:

The Refugee Review Tribunal wasn’t sure that Saddam Hussein’s favorite musician was telling the truth when he turned up here, claiming asylum, but it let him stay as a “refugee”, anyway.

Police lead Esam Moshi from the Mill Park police station: Burglary, Sex Charges “No Big Deal”

That was a decision that two elderly Australian women have had to pay for.

Andrew Bolt: A little less gullibility, please

Ain’t Multiculturalism Just Grand! 


LATE IN JULY last year, Saddam Hussein’s court musician, Esam Moshi, received good news from the Refugees Review Tribunal, which swallowed its reservations and granted him the right to remain in Australia, where he arrived on an entertainment visa before applying for permanent residency. “The refugee tribunal also admitted it had some concerns about the man’s claims,” the Herald Sun reported, “but said he did not endorse Saddam’s regime and was ‘forced’ to provide entertainment.”
With every reason to celebrate the gullibility and trusting natures of the officials who took him, Moshi did just that. Less than a month later he was arrested and charged with a pair of brutal attacks on elderly women. It was no big deal, Moshi was quoted in The Age as saying, perhaps because he expected to find the same level of credulity infecting his adopted country’s courts.
Today, Judge Michael Bourke proved that hope false by sending him away for five years.
It costs something like $100,000 a year to house a prisoner, plus there will have been the benefits he has received, as Moshi told the court he was unemployed. Yet he was driving a taxi when he committed the assaults and is also reported to have been the former co-owner of a Reservoir reception centre, so there must at some point have been private wealth he was able to tap.
Is there no way this creature can be obliged to re-pay the vast sums that have been poured into helping him, preferably before he is deported? If neither of those options is possible then the law needs changing – and fast.

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  1. When strict adherence to Sharia means misogyny and a built-in superiority complex why are we surprised when things go awry?
    Ban Islamic immigration now and the problem is solved.
    Citizens must band together and demand this!

  2. Question.

    I know that his first name is Arabic. Is Esam more common among Muslims than among Arabic-using non-Muslims?

    But – though his behaviour strongly suggests Islamic influence – how do we KNOW for sure he is a Muslim?

    The surname Moshi sounds more like a Jewish or Christian name than a Muslim surname (unless it means he’s descended from someone who converted to Islam from either of those groups, at some point in the past).

    If he were of nominal Jewish or Christian background – which would fit with his having been ‘court musician’, actually – then he’s simply a bad egg. If he is of nominal Assyrian Christian background, say, I would not use his bad behaviour to justify a refusal to admit ANY Assyrian Christian refugees…because we all know that Christianity does not teach or condone deception, burglary and assault, whereas Islam does. If he’s not Muslim I’d put his bad behaviour down to simple criminality, on a par with the simple criminality of non-Muslim Australians of whatever background.

    Were his female relatives, in court, wearing typical Islamic female dress – hijab etc? (Is there any photograph anywhere, that shows this? I haven’t been able to find one).

    Can anyone here who is from Iraq or has travelled there, enlighten us? Are there Christians or Jews reading this, of Iraqi Arabic-speaking background, who can tell me whether ‘Esam Moshi’ is more likely to be the name of an Iraqi Muslim, or of an Iraqi non-Muslim?

    Sheik – you’ve travelled pretty widely within dar al Islam. In the Arab parts thereof, are there Muslims with the surname ‘Moshi’?

    Alternatively, does this guy (like so many Muslims) go by several different names and did he have a different – more obviously Islamic – name at some point?

    1. Esam is an Arabic/Muslim name for boys meaning Safeguard.

      Moshi is indeed very unusual.

      I do suspect that he (like so many Muslims) go by several different names.

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