China Leads in Anti-Dhimmitude

China demolishes mosque


Vlad Tepes

China also restricts the practice of Islam to those over 18.  This strikes me as a staggeringly good idea. 75 would be better.

The English speaking  Chinese Convert Wen Jing  calls it all “a serious misunderstanding”, the government ‘needs to show more gesture, more understanding, to cooperate and to address the issue in a more peaceful way”- of course. Not Muslims have to show all these gestures, the infidel Chi-coms have to.

Over to Canuckistan:

The notorious imam Syed Soharwardi  whines about ‘discrimination and racism’ (these Chinese Muslims are Chinese, not a different race, but conflating Islam with race is part of the Islamic grievance theater)   calls on the “international community” to spread Islam in China and elsewhere, “as a human being, as a Muslim…” (only Muslims are human, the rest of humanity is nothing but filthy kafirs, sons of apes and swine….)  you get the drift.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear what the Muslim in the oval office has to say about this. The Chi-coms have the right idea on this one, tear their temples of hatred down before they can get a foot hold…

  2. Soharwardy the chronic liar…….

    Article rank
    15 Jan 2009
    Calgary Herald
    Protest was not an example of love and peace


    Calgary Imam Syed Soharwardy’s fairy tale rendition (Letter: Made in Canada, Herald, Jan. 7) of the pro-Hamas rally at Glenmore Landing could not have been the same event I photographed and recorded on Jan. 2.
    Muslim Council of Calgary chairman Nagah Hage exhorted his flock of 175, including infants and teens, in both Arabic and English. Between the tirades that demonized Israel, comparing Jews to the Nazis, Hage whipped up the crowd by calling the Jewish state “barbaric, ruthless and arrogant” and led the crowd in a chant that said: “OlmertHitler, you’re the same, the only difference is the name.”
    The demonization of Israel was portrayed in venomous placards and banners carried by children and parents. Israel was accused of “ethnic cleansing”, “committing a holocaust”, and of “outright murder”. There were even swastikas on display — ironic, considering.
    I am sure this anti-Semitic chorus was loud enough to be heard across the street at the Calgary Jewish Centre. The most egregious placard of all equated Jews with Nazis — a disgusting display anytime, but particularly tasteless, given that the Jewish community’s Holocaust memorial was a block away.
    They chanted: “Stephen Harper, hear us say, Jerusalem will be ours one day.” In other words, the rally really wasn’t about Gaza — it was about Hamas’s stated plans to conquer Israel.
    The crowd also turned on the lone Israeli supporter standing off to one side. This Christian Zionist’s homemade poster read: “Canada supports Israel’s right to security and self-defence.” He also carried a small Israeli flag. This set the crowd aflame. A few tried to lunge for him but were held back by another protester who told the lone Israeli defender he should be grateful he hadn’t been physically attacked, though he did have a boot thrown at him.
    When the crowd approached the Israel supporter a second time, eight police officers had to stand in front of him to protect him. So the crowd went back to chanting “killers of children and women” — and they didn’t mean Hamas, who use civilians as human shields.
    For two full hours this disgrace continued — all on the mall’s private property. Parking and business access was blocked, and many customers were clearly repelled by the Nazi symbols on the crowd’s posters, and the chants. When one shop owner asked the police to clear the crowd because customers couldn’t reach her shop, the response was “they would leave it alone and let it play out”, as it was the “lesser of two evils”.
    Some of the mob didn’t just go to the mall. They actually had the temerity to park at the Calgary Jewish Centre — adjacent to the Holocaust memorial there — despite the private parking sign. I suppose if conquering Jerusalem is your goal, trespassing on Jewish property in Calgary is no big deal.
    In his letter to the Herald, Soharwardy claimed some protesters “parked their cars in front of houses, most probably Jewish” and that “some of the (Jewish) onlookers even smiled”. Back in reality, there are no houses between the Jewish Centre and Glenmore Landing. The closest Jewish home is three blocks away. Perhaps what Soharwardy saw were the grimaces or shocked expressions of other home owners, when faced with posters with swastikas on them.
    Soharwardy then gives a back-handed compliment to non-existent Jews for not attacking the verbally and visually violent crowd. “Isn’t Canada wonderful!” he exults. He’s thrilled this kind of bigotry can be proclaimed in Calgary with impunity.
    As the crowd was departing, some passed in front of an orthodox rabbi, on his way to the nearby synagogue for the Jewish Sabbath.
    The mob unfurled a flag of Hezbollah — a criminal terrorist organization, under Canadian law — and cursed him while making violent gestures and spitting.
    Soharwardy’s “fairy tale” is a nightmare. This is the true face of the protest.

  3. Didn’t ask Sohrabuddin about removing discirmination against non-Muslims in Muslim countries. Let charity begin at home.

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