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“Great Heroic Prisoners”

Pal-Authority TV Airs Show Praising ‘Hero’ Murderers of Fogel Family

Pal TV aired an interview last week with relatives of the convicted murderers of the Fogel family, who called their imprisoned kin “heroic,” Haaretz reported.

Praise for killer of 5 members of Fogel family on Pal Authority TV

Transcript of the interview, via PalMedia Watch:

PA TV host: “We have a call from the family of prisoner Hakim Awad.”
Mother of Hakim Awad: “I thank you for connecting me with my son, because I and all of the family are prevented for security reasons [from visiting him].
Host: “Go ahead, sister, we can convey your voice.”
Mother of Hakim Awad: “My greetings to dear Hakim, the apple of my eye, from the village of Awarta, 17 years old, who carried out the operation in Itamar (i.e., killing of 5 Fogel family members), sentenced to 5 life sentences and another 5 years, in prison.”
Aunt of Hakim Awad: “I’m the sister of prisoner Hassan Awad and of Salah Awad; [I am] Um Habib, from the village of Awarta. My warm greetings to all the great heroic prisoners, to my brother Hassan Awad, head of the village council; to my brother Salah Awad, the heroic prisoner journalist; to the heroic, resolute prisoner, the lion, Yazid Awad, my nephew; and to my nephew Hakim Awad, the hero, the legend.”
Host: “We [PA TV], for our part, also convey our greetings to them.”
Aunt of Hakim Awad: “I dedicate this song to Hassan Awad, Yazid Awad, Hakim Awad, and Salah Awad, in prison:
‘My brother, in solitary confinement, your voice calls to me
You dare not throw down the rifle
That is what the homeland asked of me
In your eyes, we are all self-sacrificing fighters.
I convey greetings to the sound of the bullets of Ahmad Sa’adat and Hakim Awad.’”
Host: “Thank you for being with us, the family of prisoners Hassan and Salah Awad of Awarta.”
The Fogel family
Muslim antisemitism 7


Muslims anti-semitism

Three-year-old Jewish boy

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Father and 3-month-old infant, Hadas

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Three year old, Elad
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Eleven-year-old Jewish son, Yoav

Muslim anti-semtism 9

The family has given permission to show these photographs so that civilized men would understand what the Jews face from their Islamic enemies. This is the first time the people of Israel have done this. The world ignores the Jewish dead; what choice did they have?

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