Gitmo, Fitna, Jihad, Interfaith Jockeys and the Peace of France

“Persecution of Muslims at Guantanamo just like Inquisition”

Youtube pulls Geert Wilders FITNA, closes account of British Freedom Party

FITNA does not violate any laws other than ones created specifically to protect  Islam from scrutiny. This is a serious threat. Why?  Because it is indisputably true.

There is no reason why we should play nice with people who have declared war on us:


They Don’t Call It “Jihad” for Nothing 

Non-submissive Frank Gaffney and others discuss CAIR’s struggle to silence New York’s “blasphmous” police commissioner (who’s an uppity kafir, thank God).

The ‘Civil Peace’ of France May Be In Doubt

 “Without this policy of a significant reduction in the number of immgrants, France will not be able to integrate and assimilate the immigrants present on its territory…” 

Too late. Why not call it jihad and  make sure the French are armed and prepared?

Bronx: Smooth Talking Interfaith Jockey Sells Kumbaya  to Clueless Jews