Hamas Killer Has No Regrets, Demands Israel Pay For His University Education….

Sense of entitlement,  Jesse Jackson knows all about it:    “We Will Occupy The Streets And Jail Cells – Until There Is Economic Justice”… (other peoples money.)

“Palestinians”, who have done nothing for themselves, ever, and lived for generations on the UN Tit, are, not surprisingly, possessed of the same sense of entitlement as their Lib-Left useful idiot supporters in the west. (BCF)

And they are getting it; take a look:

US Gives (another)  $40 Million to “Palestinians” for “Humanitarian and Economic Purposes”

That entire mentality is wholly incompatible with any and all Western values, morals, beliefs, achievements and aspirations:

Hamas: Kill Christians and Jews “to the last one”

Its in the  Quran 8:7:

“Allah wished to confirm the truth by His words: ‘Wipe the infidels out to the last.’

Hamas headbanger: “We will kill all the Jews…”

The Al Qassam Brigades website is celebrating the third anniversary of   Nizar Rayyan’s death   and illustrates this “civilian”  with this photo:

“Abbas’ Palestinian Authority has accelerated its broader campaign to expunge Jewish history and identity from the Holy Land”

One of the greatest obstacles the PA and Hamas face is that the archaeological evidence does not line up with Islam’s revisionist account of history, which appropriates the major figures of Judaism and Jesus himself as prophets and messengers of Islam. Islam’s claim on the territory depends on that, and on Muhammad’s “night journey” to what was initially an unnamed “farthest mosque.” Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t try to erase history to suit their purposes, even changing their own story, as this commentary notes.

We are not aware, however, that the Rabbi Abraham Cooper who authored this commentary is an “anti-” Ibrahim Hooper specially engineered by the Global Zionist Conspiracy Laboratories.

“Beyond Christmas and Hannukah — Who Will Protect the Faithful?” by Rabbi Abraham Cooper for Fox News, December 30: