Saudis in Push to Talibanize Kashmir

What could go wrong? The Taliban are not our enemies, per se, said Obama sidekick Joe Biden.

Well, they won’t be our facebook friends either, not for quite a while, because  nine out of ten are illiterate.

Good business for Carrara marble :

The Saudi push into Kashmir goes back many years. Last time I visited Kashmir was in 1978. Yes, even back then Saudi mosques were going up everywhere.

“Conspiracy to Talibanise Kashmir”

Saudi “Charities” Pumping Billions Into Kashmir Valley to Promote Jihad (Atlas)

But hey; the US plans Jewish state in Indian held Kashmir, so lets see how that peters out. The proof is in the pudding scrolls: Scholarly world abuzz over Jewish scrolls find … 

Norway Police:

  • Breivik’s so-called terror network probably exists inside his head, and only there. (Vlad Tepes)