Homeland Security Monitoring Obama’s Media Lackeys

Now that Muslims have lost interest in terrorism and our borders are secure, Big Government’s massive security apparatus can focus on the real threat — people saying things our rulers don’t like:  Big Sis Is Listening  (Moonbattery)

It’s pretty much like the boss keeping tabs on what his employees are up to. Considering how far in the tank the media is for Obama, I can’t see why they’d complain.  (source)

Alice in WonderlandGate: It’s Not the Crime, It’s the Cover-up

Zombie has rare pictures of what the White House looks like with profligate adolescents in charge:

The Obama Regime is in full denial mode, trying to cover up their cover-up of Alice in WonderlandGate, going so far as to lie that video was released of the secret and extravagant Halloween bash. Johnny Depp’s and Tim Burton’s names are missing from the White House visitor logs, inviting us to wonder who else might be furtively visiting our ultra-radical Community Organizer in Chief.

Obamanation Gallery thanks to Zappatrust