Impeach, Impeach, Impeach!

The Manchurian Moonbat’s War Against America

Obama the Job-Slayer Will Put Half a Million Military Personnel Out of Work

It’s his way of weakening America and punishing US military families at the same time.
The Independent reported:

Allen West on Obama’s Dismantling of the Military (Moonbattery)

Let’s see what retired Lieutenant Colonel and current Congressman Allen West (R-FL) has to say about Obama’s predictable dismantling of America’s armed forces:

Coupled with Obama’s announcement that he will flagrantly violate the law to provide our Russian rivals with nuclear military secrets, this neutering of the military illustrates exactly the foreign policy you would expect from a pupil of anti-American Marxists Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, and Jeremiah Wright.

TREASON, anyone?

From “Magic Negro” to “Uppity Negro”

– How the LA Times Continues to Struggle With the President’s Race

Yesterday the Los Angeles Times attacked Gateway Pundit for reposting a picture of Michelle Obama as a brazen queen picking her next upscale vacation getaway.

They said the post was racist.

Today John Nolte at Big Journalism called out the LA Times for projecting their own racism on this blog, Gateway Pundit.

Senator Marco Rubio to Obama:

You’re Turning America Into a “Deadbeat Nation”

Human Events reported, Here is Senator Rubio’s letter to the president:   “Deadbeat Nation”

We the people shall prevail.

4 thoughts on “Impeach, Impeach, Impeach!”

  1. Racist, Racist, Racist! That’s ALL you a-holes are
    He’s not a Communist, you idiot. TBTB think we rich countries need to give it up for poorer countries, by way of a Carbon tax based on scientific wishful thinking~ you have to be a complete moron to think that any of his actions are justafiable for impeachment. Remember, children, you just cant impeach someone because you dont like them, but it’s obvious their REAL reason for impeachment: P.W.B, Presidenting While Black!

  2. UNeverKnow,
    You are a stupid moron – and I am being kind. Impeachment because his actions are deliberately injuring the USA – is that good enough for you??!! Why don’t you go join the tent city of unemployed people who have lost jobs and then homes!! No one cares that the monkey is black – we do care that it is attempting to destroy your country. You wanted change jerk – you got it – from a house to the gutter!!!

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