Maldives: Glo-bull Worming Causes Junkie Muslims


Hezbollah: ‘the Gambinos on steroids’

It’s hard to uphold a reputation as a devoutly religious terrorist group if you make millions selling cocaine. Just ask Hezbollah. Hezbollah denies the “false accusations about its involvement, directly or indirectly, in money-laundering or drug-trafficking.” But the facts speak for themselves.

And why wouldn’t  they supply their Muslim Brothers in the Maldives? Business is business, even among Muselmanic thugs:

Tim Blair:

Just hurry up and sink already. The complainiest islands in all of the Indian Ocean are at it again:

The President of what could be the first country in the world lost to climate change has urged Australia to prepare for a mass wave of climate refugees seeking a new place to live.

The Maldivian President, Mohamed Nasheed, said his government was considering Australia as a possible new home if the tiny archipelago disappears beneath rising seas.

‘’It is increasingly becoming difficult to sustain the islands, in the natural manner that these islands have been,’’ he told the Herald in an interview in Male, the Maldives capital.

Then he attended a ceremony to mark the construction of a new airport. President Nasheed has more urgent problems than a few little waves:

An epidemic of cheap heroin has swept through the archipelago, but taken root in Male in particular. The UN has estimated 40 per cent of the country’s youth use hard drugs.

Nasheed, a Muslim as the Maldives constitution obliges all Maldivians to be, also faces a rising tide of Islamic fundamentalism. Wahhabist Islamic scholars, most schooled in madrassas in Pakistan, are radicalising Islam in the Maldives.

Female circumcision is practised, and is reportedly on the increase, across the archipelago. There are calls for the return of amputation for crimes and for the banning of music and dancing. Women are flogged for having extra-marital sex.

This “global warming” we sometimes hear about … any chance of speeding it up?


Young Mamduh is conflicted:

As all of us know very well, we Maldivians are a pious Muslim community who have it enshrined in our constitution that to be a Maldivian necessarily means to be a Muslim. If we give up our Muslim identity, our rights as a Maldivian citizen are taken away automatically.

How this has been accommodated within the framework of the International Convention on Human Rights (of which we are a signatory) is still a mystery to me. For it says that every human being has the right to the freedom of conscience. And what is freedom of conscience if we cannot choose our religion?

Yes, Mamduh is asking too many questions, and his co-religionists don’t like it at all….

Sheikh Imran Abdullah is rather upset:

“This pseudo-intellectual, Mamduh Waheed is writing nothing other than Jewish propaganda. I fear that he might be sponsored by Natanyahu himself! Subhanallah!”

3 thoughts on “Maldives: Glo-bull Worming Causes Junkie Muslims”

  1. If they’re going to mass wave from the Maldives, why would this Mohamed Nasheed need a new airport there?

    Why invest in a new airport on an island that will disappear? He doesn’t really believe that the islands will disappear, after all?

  2. It appears that sheik imran abdullah is not even a pseudo-intellectual. imram, you are just another brain-dead piece of islamo-organic waste material. At least Mamduh is asking questions, the meaning of which appear to be way beyond the comprehension of iram. I would suspect that Mamduh is the adult, and iram is the spoilt and greedy child.

  3. And you are right sheik – the reasons why one would build an airport when one claims your island will dissappear (actually it will – sad for the islands) are worthy of closer inspection.

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