Iran: Panicky Mullahs

Iran’s currency in freefall; leaders panicking

From Reuters:

Iran’s currency has slid 20 percent against the dollar in the last week despite central bank intervention, and Iranians concerned about the economy said on Tuesday attempts to send text messages using the word “dollar” appeared to be blocked.

There is nothing in the official Iranian press about this.

When it comes to money or Islam the mullahs don’t mock around:

Mohound in Cuba:

“Our positions, versions, interpretations are alike, very close. We have been good friends, we are and will be, and we will be together forever. Long live Cuba,” Ahmadinejad said  (Al Reuters)  (Only allah seems to be missing in this love parade…)

Ahmadinejad: capitalism ‘in decay’

“Thankfully we are already witnessing that the capitalist system is in decay,” Mr Ahmadinejad said. “On various stages it has come to a dead end – politically, economically and culturally. You see that when it lacks logic, they turn to weapons to kill and destroy.”

Japan pledges to cut Iranian oil imports

Tokyo voices support for US-led efforts to boycott Iranian oil industry over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.