Islam destroys Aboriginal Dreamtime with the help of western wakademics

Manufacturing History at a Hundred Miles an Hour

Australia’s “Long History With Islam”

 Many Aboriginal people, like boxer Anthony Mundine, look to Islam as a way of re-connecting with their roots. (Aussie Muslim Net)

Sure. Kunta Kinte sends his regards.  Ask Mike Tyson or other ignorant blacks who have converted to Islam, the ideology of their slave-masters. They all come with the same mental baggage….

The Aussie Muslim Net even digs up Malcolm X:

Peta Stephenson’s Fantasy Productions

“As a vehicle for the reconstruction of an Indigenous identity, Islam produces not only new connections to the past, but new strategies for connecting with the non-Indigenous world in the present and future.”

About Islam Dreaming:

Indigenous Australians are increasingly finding in Islam the possibility of reconnection with lost Indigenous traditions and a model of community unavailable elsewhere. But this is not a new story. From the Makassan trepang fisherman of Arnhem Land, the Malay pearl-divers of Broome, through the Afghan camel drivers of the interior, Muslims have lived and worked in Australia for over three centuries, and were among the earliest peoples to form connections with Indigenous Australians. Islam Dreaming tells the stories of Australia’s Indigenous Muslims.

A dose of reality:

(See Part 1)

Islam destroys Aboriginality – Destructive Muslim fishermen:  Part 1 of 3

Research by anthropologist Ian McIntosh shows that contact between Aboriginals and the Muslim Macassan fishermen was extremely disruptive with an evil power entering Aboriginal society for ever.  The result was Aboriginals learned they were ‘black’ and came to believe they lost power and wealth to the ‘white’ other (Muslim Macassans) and will forever be impoverished and dominated!  (Australian Folklore 11, 1996 131)
Islam is targeting Aboriginals by feeding them a false rosy picture of the first contact with Muslims who came to take from Aboriginal land along with false tales of ‘similarities’ etc!   At a recent Brisbane conference ‘Challenges and Opportunities for Islam and the West – The Case of Australia’ (3-5/3/08), Ms Peta Stephenson  presented a paper ‘Reaffirming Aboriginality through Allah: Indigenous Muslims in Australia’ promoting this rosy view, absurdly linking Aboriginality with Islam and promoting the view that the world was Muslim!  In reality Aboriginality is destroyed by Islam (see also parts 2, 3 – to come).  (More)

Islam & Aboriginality – 2

 Islam destroys Aboriginality – Negative impact of Islam:  Part 2 of 3
Parts 2, 3 Examine Ms Stephenson’s work , the absurd reasons given Aboriginal conversion to Islam and the destruction of ‘Aboriginality’ under Islam.

The first encounter with Muslim traders disrupted Aboriginal ‘balance’, left evil in their world and a belief that they were ‘black’ and would be forever impoverished and dominated. eg:

“In the here and now, there will always be strife, poverty and domination by Others. This, I suggest, is a previously unrecorded legacy of contact between Aborigines and Indonesians.” Australian Folklore 11, 1996 131) 
Why would Aborigines convert to an ideology that was so disruptive and destroyed their self-respect and sense of control?  Because they don’t know the truth about this Arab supremist ideology that has destroyed cultures the world over!  Islam plays on any sense of alienation or anger, that’s why it’s so good at recruiting from jails! The negative impact of Islam both on Aboriginal culture and throughout the world is hidden.

13 thoughts on “Islam destroys Aboriginal Dreamtime with the help of western wakademics”

  1. I’d really love to see the retaining quota of Aboriginals that convert to Islam.

    Putting or demanding Aboriginals be on the ‘dry’ (no alcohol) would be like demanding Muslims work for a living, not going to happen.

    After travelling extensively throughout Arnem Land, Charters Towers, Bing Bong, Mataranka, Wyndam WA I so LOL’d at Mundine.

  2. Just goes to show…islam preys on people who feel discriminated against, little knowing what’s really in store for them once they downgrade their lives & become muslim.

    And in regards to Peta Stephenson’s moronic statement, this comes to mind – “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull”

  3. Strangely enough, last night I viewed a DVD….The Proposition. Written By Nick Cave and directed by John Hillcoat. 2005 IF Award Winner for BEST FILM. Set in the late 1880’s. It shows a lot of history between class, race and colonisation. Watch it and there were only 2 camels in the movie….Nothing about islam, but enough about Aboriginals and GOD to know that our Australian history is based on Christian ethics, not bloody islamic anything. During the credits there was a song and I had the subtitles on to get the words of it….The verse is:


    I very rarely watch credits, but for some reason I did and I wrote the words to this song out….now I know why I did.

    This crap about islam being the forerunner to Australian settlement is utter crap. Yes there were some terribly cruel people who were sent here to control the prisoners etc who were sent from England and Ireland, but it also shows that some of the Aboriginals were no angels either. The so called muslims who were here in the early days were certainly not like what we have to contend with these days. As for islam being part of THE DREAMING….Please….what an insult to the memory of my son who was part Abbo.

  4. More and more of these deluded pseudo-intellectuals seem determined to promulgate a revised history. Its crazy. Im so sick of these idiots…

  5. This Peta Stephenson must have fantasies of being gang-raped by Mujahideens. Is she nuts or just immoral.

    This news is very depressing to me.
    I have always respected and admired the aboriginal peoples and their “Dreamtime”.
    When I was a little boy I made my first boomerang and I would toss it into the air and watch its curving arc back to me with amazement and pretend that I was an aboriginal hunter. I even painted “Dreamtime” objects on the boomerangs.
    Only Islam can destroy a culture. The devout Islamists must be removed from all countries and sent back to where they can practise their sharia law without intefering with our cultures. If they cannot assimilate they should be banned outright.

    How depressing, “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries!”, said Winston.

  6. Typical 17th century european convict mentality!
    Then again what else would you expect from an arrogantly narcissistic culture. These negative comments shows how the european invaders employ their minds in full-time efforts to distract the fact that Aboriginals can make their own choices and that Aboriginals aren’t defensively dependent upon the “white huns”. Yes…… there are good whites but not good enough to stop bad ones. HOW DARE YOU criticise what you’ve utterly destroyed!!! Any quivering coward hiding behind a boulder can shoot a brave warrior. Leave the Aboriginals alone to make their choices.

  7. Gary,
    You are an idiot. Grow a brain and learn to think before writing in the future. No one here is interested in the chip on your shoulder.

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