Islam in EUrabia


”Europe is the sick man of the world”

Thanks to the Tundra Tabloids

I have studied Arabic language at the American University in Cairo and lived in Egypt during the terror attacks of September 11th 2001.  I was already growing skeptical of Islamic culture and mentality before that time, but things certainly escalated after this event.

What shocked me the most, though, was not witnessing how happy many Arabs and Muslims were over the mass murder of thousands of unarmed civilians. What shocked me the most was how Western mass media and the political establishment lied about this fact. 9/11 was clearly an Islamic Jihadist act of war against Western civilization, yet the West was (and still is)  in complete denial about this. (Read it all)

Sweden doing something:

Withdrawal Syndrome:

Gothenburg: Sister retracts ‘honour killing’ allegations  -  “it is not uncommon that girls withdraw allegations against family members in cases such as this…”


Oslo: Radical Muslims plan protest against Afghanistan war  “If any Kufr show up outside Parliament…”


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