Israel, Catholic Jew-Hatred & the Muslim Brotherhood

Reframing the Israel Debate 

“Jews ‘stealing Arab land’ is an offensive inversion of reality. The Arab invasion turned native Jews and Christians into minorities in their own lands, converting them to Islam, appropriating their shrines and erasing their history.”-- (JP via Free Republic)

Just world domination, nothing to worry about:

What is the Muslim Brotherhood’s goal? Oh, just world domination.

Mohammed el-Badi, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, spoke at the end of December in a speech that was reported on in Al Masry al Youm. Here is a translation of part of that speech: Elder of Ziyon via Raymond Ibrahim)

The land-for-peace hoax

The rise of the forces of jihadist Islam in Egypt places the US and other Western powers in an uncomfortable position.  Now that the Muslim Brotherhood are poised to take power, all treaties  are effectively null and void. (Caroline Glick)

What’s “Race” got to do with it?

A Jew who gets involved with an Arab Muslim should seek counseling.

Israel’s Supreme Court has upheld a controversial law that bans most Palestinians who marry Israelis from obtaining either citizenship or residency in the country.

There is a lot of Arab blather and fake rage:

Mohammed Barakeh, an Palestinian-Israeli MP with the Hadash party, said the ruling proved a “wave of racism” was sweeping through Israeli institutions.

“This law, which differentiates between people in a repulsive, racist fashion, sets standards for an individual’s personal life and denies Arabs their right to choose their life partner,” he said.

How about some reciprocity, Mohammed? How about  Jewish rights in lands occupied by Mohammedans?

Compiled from Tundra Tabloid blog entries:

Six Reasons for Europe’s Anti-Israel Bias 

By Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld

 In recent years, Israel has undoubtedly lost a publicity battle….

Catholic Bishops with their Heads up the ass:

“Gaza is a Prison”

Hamas co-founder, Mahmoud Zahar, begs to differ. 

No mention of rockets on Israeli civilians, nor Islamic persecution of Christians. Visiting bishops saw only how Gaza is a “large prison.”

At least they could mention that Islam is Number One:

Muslim Countries Account for 9 of 10 Top Christian Persecutors

Eight Catholic bishops from Europe and North America have just visited the Christian community in Gaza. Raymond Field, auxiliary bishop of Dublin, also defined the Gaza Strip as “a large prison”.  More here.

These people are nucking futz.

ONLY TWO  (?)   BRAVE ARAB BISHOPS    admit  Dialogue with Islam/Muslims  is  Meaningless.

Israel ‘preparing to absorb Syrian refugees’

Army chief of staff says members of Alawite minority could seek refuge in Israel if Assad’s government falls.