Its All About Jihad

The Jiziya will keep us safe from the soldiers of allah just like JooLiars globull worming tax is going to keep us and future generations of Australians safe from dangerous ‘climate change’.

UK Enrichment Watch:

‘F*** Off, You White ***’, We’re Discussing the Quran…(TROP)


Copts Injured, Homes & Shops Torched by Allah Akbar Rampage (TROP)

For it. Not against it:

Turks Rally for Genocide Denial (In Paris, of all places…)

Members of a Turkish union protest outside the French Embassy in Ankara, after Turkey is recalled its ambassador to France in retaliation for a vote in the French Parliament making it a crime to deny the WWI-era mass killings of Armenians was a genocide.

Sri Lanka ‘expels 161 foreign Muslim clerics’

Couldn’t happen to nicer people:

(BBC) Sri Lanka has reportedly ordered 161 foreign Muslim preachers to leave the country for flouting visa regulations. “They have violated immigration laws. A tourist visa is to have a holiday or visit friends and family, and not to preach Islam,” Sri Lanka’s immigration head Chulananda Perera told the AFP news agency.    More from eye on the world…

IDF Arrests Top Hamas Official on Terror Charges

(Ynet) Hamas Parliament President Aziz Dwaik was arrested on Thursday at the Jaba checkpoint near Ramallah, while on his way to Hebron.

Beautiful Libya

“Angry” Libyans use hand grenades to storm transitional government headquarters, then loot it

Hamas Sings

Hamas permits male barbershop style singing groups that do not use musical instruments and sing of the glory of Islam and to fighting Israel.