Kalimantan: the local Dayaks haven't got a chance….

For indigenous groups in Indonesia, the rainforest plays a crucial role in their cultural belief system.

As vast areas of the forest are being cut down to make space for palm oil plantations, one community in the heart of Borneo is pushing back to try to defend its land.

(The Dayaks are the indigenous people of Borneo, they are not Indonesians. They are occupied and colonized/exploited by Indonesian Muslims)

One thought on “Kalimantan: the local Dayaks haven't got a chance….”

  1. They are treated just the same way in the Malaysian part of Borneo, in Sarawak and Sabah but the Malaysian part of Borneo is generally a lot more modern than the Indonesian part.
    Quite along time ago Sheik , I wrote about the locals in Kalimantan rising up against the muslim imports , the Madurese..chopping off a great number of heads…They go into a collective trance before they go on a head chopping spree.. The heads were then placed on sticks all around the entrance to the villages..This happened while I was living in Sarawak. All Malysians were advised not to travel there..I never heard but can imagine that there must have been some kind of retaliation for this.
    As I understand the US was involved in creating Indonesia’s boundaries after the second world war..The West Papuans suffer the most horrendous atrocities under Indonesian rule also.

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