"Lady Bitch Ray" writes doctor thesis about headrag

The mullahs would have fun with this one:

She wears bright red dresses that sport graffiti-like writing with “F*kc Sarazzin” and “C*nt Power” and she gets attention:

Thanks to Politically Incorrect

An Alevite Turkish female who calls herself ‘Lady Ray Bitch’ aka Reyhan Sahin claims she is being misunderstood. She wrote, supported by the deeply red Rosa-Luxemburg foundation, a dissertation  titled  “The Meaning of the Islamic Headscarf – a dress-emotive  inquiry into Muslim headscarf wearers in Germany”. Next month she wants to attain a doctorate at the deeply red university of Bremen.

She already established a publishing firm called “Vagina-Style-Pussyjuice” to publish her ‘work’.

Dr Bitch then plans to move on to become ‘professor’ Bitch.

So much for successful integration…..

Back in the US of A: Hezbo-b*tch in the dock for drunk driving:

Ex-Miss USA, Rima Fakih, Meets the Judge For Driving Under Influence

Good thing she’s in the United States and just facing an irate judge rather than a public lashing…

Story HERE.