The female face is not a private part

Dutch plan ban on face veils the freedom sack

 In the West, unlike other places where the supposed equivalence has been stated very crassly, the bottom line is that the female face is not a private part.

“Truth about Islam threatens our relationships with Muslims around the world.”

Veterans Group Calls on West Point to Pull Speaking Invite for Anti-Islamist Retired Officer

Behind this is  “the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers”- (I smell Soros & CAIR) and you know heroic atheists are……

The World’s Most Dangerous Book (Politically Incorrect)

No other book justifies and motivates terror like the Quran.

Next time Muslims accuse you  of being “divisive” show them this picture:

And here’s the plan:

Willie Clitman is in the bag, he is really chummy with Ayatollah Gulen:

Fetullah Gulen: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? – CBN… by cbnonline

Walid Shoebat taking a closer look:

Rick Perry, Islamist Takeover in Turkey, Fethullah Gulen Charter Schools in USA