Moonbattery is a bottomless pit…


Rhineland-Westphalia introduces Islamic instruction  (BCF)

Islam is homo friendly?

“BERLIN: Germany’s homosexual foreign minister  Guido Westerwelle says the West must avoid the mistake of assuming that Islamic-oriented parties aren’t compatible with freedom and modernization as it encourages democracy in the Arab world.”

“Freedom & Modernization” and the “Arab Spring”

 “Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Koran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

The Muslim Brotherhood has always been deeply anti-Western, viscerally hostile to Israel and openly anti-Semitic – points usually downplayed in Western commentary on the “Arab Spring.” Indeed, the anti-Jewish conspiracy theories promoted by the Brotherhood and its affiliated preachers are in a class of their own.

The British Ambassador to Egypt seems to be a dimbulb and a coward too:

Salafi leader in Egypt explains freedom and modernization:

Forbidden to greet Christians on their holidays

Muslim Brotherhood member who just won parliament seat: Pilgrimage to Egyptian rabbi’s tomb would be “suicide mission” for Israelis

It gets worse: The Silencing of Dissent in Germany (GoV)

Fast Learner writes book about “Monoculti” at Kreuzberg School

“There is no longer any question of diverse cultures mixing with one another and being treated equally in my Kreuzberg school,” she says. “To be precise, there was only one culture, or religion, whose needs were considered here: Islam.”   Read more »

“I hear David Duke plays a mean saxophone…”

… and Hitler was a great painter and loved German shepherds:

“Jews making matzo out of young Goyim’s blood  may be true, and Israel is in fact far worse than Nazi Germany.”


FGM might have given her some ‘respeck’

She did all the right things,  she even converted to Islam, she wore the hijab, but that wasn’t enough. In fact; its never enough:    Muslim parents’ did not believe that a Finnish female could ever be qualified to work as a teacher of Islam….


2 thoughts on “Moonbattery is a bottomless pit…”

  1. Hitler actually wasn’t that bad a painter. Not great certainly, but a long way from the hopeless wannabe he is usually described as. People feel the need to belittle his artistic talent because he was a lunatic.

  2. Granted, Cheradenine.

    In fact, he was a very talented man and inspired Albert Speer (his architect) in grandiose designs for buildings, whole cities and super railways, among other things.
    He actually drew many of the designs himself.

    Which means as much as saying ‘Mao liked American cigarettes’- or Pol Pot was human too….

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