Newsweep: Stop Geert Wilders before somebody gets hurt!

Newsweep dimbulb Christopher Dickey fearlessly  joins the assassins:

Geert Wilders Must Stop.  His Anti-Muslim diatribes are bound to cause harm.  He wants to throw out the whole Quran because of some things that are objectionable—”

Dickey:  ‘Geert Wilders Says There’s No Such Thing as Moderate Islam…’

Imagine that! Wilders is the grey eminence of terror!

“Before Somebody Gets Hurt”?

Hugh Fitzgerald rips Dickey a new one:

Christopher Dickey made his last appearance in these pages for his piece about the Muslim attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, its offices firebombed and destroyed by angry Musilms. According to Dickey, Charlie Hebdo had it coming.

You can read Dickey’s piece, and a comment on it, here.

How did such a person come to be — for decades — the Bureau Chief of Newsweek? How does such a person continue to exercise such power and influence, when his apologetics for the most sinister threat to the Western world become more obvious, and more intolerable, every day?

Apparently Christopher Dickey, who for many years had a photograph of Yasir Arafat hanging on his Newsweek office wall in Paris, thinks that “someone could get hurt” if Geert Wilders continues to say what, for the well-informed, is obvious: that what is in Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira, if taken to heart, makes every Believer a menace, in posse and, whenever the spirit moves him, in esse, to all non-Muslims.

Apparently Christopher Dickey has not noticed the 2.5 million black African Christians killed in the southern Sudan by northern Muslims, never noticed what happened to the Igbo and other Christians before, during, and after the Biafra War, has not noticed what has been happening to Christians in Iraq and in Pakistan and in Indonesia, at the hands of Muslims, has been unaware that Hindus in Pakistan or Bangladesh have had any problems with Muslims, did not realize that Buddhists in southern Thailand and in the Chittagong Hills area of Bangladesh have suffered repeated attacks by Muslims, does not know what happens to Filipino Christians at the hands of Muslims, has no idea why Jews, once they dared to stop being dhimmis, which is what the State of Israel signified to Muslims, were forced to flee from Muslim-dominated lands or to endure even worse insecurities, more diabolical persecution, and murder, than they had before, as porgroms all over the Arab lands showed. None of this has made an impression on Christopher Dickey, who has been reporting on the Middle East, and the world, for decades, self-satisfied with his own continuing complete incomprehension of Islam, even as the Western press is inundated by what might be given a separate section: Jihad News of the Day.

6 thoughts on “Newsweep: Stop Geert Wilders before somebody gets hurt!”

  1. What we have here is a man, not a scholar or a reader who has advanced way beyond his competence,possibly with good school grades in subjects where there is leeway in marking so as to benefit the right sort, who has not looked into any subject he pronounces on,but he proceeds with the usual prejudices and idiocies. He did all the studying he ever wanted to do in college. Afterall his thinking is limited to his kids college expenses and the suv.
    Do not buy the magazine. If you find it in your dentist’s office ask for the washroom key, take the magazine rip it up and chuck it.

  2. I think back-handed threats by dhimmis make them feel powerful. They can all pretend to be Vito Corleone while remaining professional victims and “speaking for” the professional victims of the world. I will be so glad when the media is purged of its gratuitous, faux whiners. I’ll probably be long dead, however.

  3. Hmmm, what about “Stop Islam before someone gets hurt”….wait! Just a moment people have gotten hurt. Will Dickey write an article saying Islam has to be stopped before more people get hurt, or is he too scared too? Because he knows he might actually get hurt.

  4. Geert Wilders has my total support in stopping the flood of islam into OUR democratic society with the intent of forcing the Koran onto us totally. Will Dickey had something in his hand when writing his piece but I don’t think it was a pen or computer – maybe his last name will give a clue!!

  5. Geert Wilders that is living under threat of muslims is according to Dickey a threat ? what a joke. The world needs more like him, saying the truth may hurt, but truth will set us free too.
    Silence will not change the crisis

  6. Read a book titled “The Spike” available in paperback on Amazon and set in the sixties, that describes how the western Media was subverted and misled as part of a global campaign by the opposition in the North ably supported by their Russian allies during the Vietnam War. Even the Prisoners of war in Hanoi were roped in to be unwilling participants. Read the books by Commander Denton and Colonel Robby Risner, both senior American PW in Hanoi. This is how men back then, like Christopher Dickey, were subverted to work for the enemy.

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