Norway: Dhimmitude on Steroids


Muslims Threaten Norwegian Royals (and others….)

Vlad Tepes video

Islam main threat to Norway: intelligence

(Intelligence seems to be lacking on both sides… not “Islamists”, just Islam….)

“In recent years we have seen people who grew up in Norway  radicalised and who consider Norway and the Norwegian society the enemy….”

Not to worry, its just a tiny minority of excremists:   The number of Islamic extremists in Norway remains small, but their ranks could expand….

How about we make them like us and allow them to judge over us?

Norway May Allow Judges with Veils and Headscarves…

Strange, that.  In Egypt a female Political Candidate claims  ‘Women  (are) Deficient in Intelligence’– She is, of course, only quoting the words of her prophet Muhammad.

Bad bad employers won’t hire Pakis!

We have ways to make you hire: nothing a  new white paper on integration can’t fix!

(white paper? I smell racism!)

“We have a serious discrimination problem in Norwegian working life…”  (who said they came to work?)

6 thoughts on “Norway: Dhimmitude on Steroids”

  1. islam is not a race but a religion, spreading peace. it only makes non-muslims pretending to be muslim brake the barriers to other non muslims from joining islam

  2. Proud,
    You are an illiterate moron – islam simply spreads violence and hatred!!
    How dare you tell us otherwise when we see the hatred and the violence that YOU muslims perpetrate onto others on a daily basis. You have nothing to be proud of – absolutely nothing – you bloody idiot,

  3. @Proud,

    You are correct. Islam is the religion of pieces.

    Quite literally, everyday, you can find examples where Islam turns peoples lives both mentally and physically into pieces.

    Although, I would not be proud of the death and destruction it brings into peoples lives.

    There is no good in Islam.

  4. Took my 2 mins to notice this website is some biased piece of shit properganda. You lot are scared little kids,pathetic how your scared of Muslims.islam means sad how u lot lap up any info your media feeds you, years of oppression and you wonder why people are angry. You lot would die for the right to speak freely so let me have a go.islam Christianity and Judaism are all the truth,they are a system of values vital in keeping human kind in good stead,they attempt to provide a platform for peace for people .of coarse you lot are keen I look for evil cuz ur breed hate not Muslims.your racist,unevolved unhappy people. You pagans are lost. Your daughters and wife’s want more from life than what you can offer.hink about it lol.

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