Progress in Sarajewo: 70 New Mosques!

17 years after the Bosnian war progress  has come to the Balkans:

 Thanks to western assistance,  Sarajewo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina,  today has  300,000 inhabitants and over 120 mosques, 70 of them new. The number of Catholics is nearly half compared to before the war. Thanks to allah they have been replaced by 5000 radical Wahabites and millions of dollars from Sowdi Barbaria. The Religion of Peace flattens everything that stands in its way.  (from PI, in German: 70 neue Moscheen in Sarajewo)


Asylum Seekers from Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan and Middle East Flock to Town in Genocidally anti-Muslim Serbia

 (Reuters) – Protesters in a small Serbian border town called for government action on Sunday over the town’s rapidly rising population of asylum seekers from Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa trying to reach the European Union.

“Yesterday it was rape, tomorrow it will be murder, while we stay silent and wait for someone who doesn’t even know where Banja Koviljaca is to solve the problem.”  (Julia Gorin has more)


4 thoughts on “Progress in Sarajewo: 70 New Mosques!”

  1. I note the muslim asylum seekers are all from muslim countries. Is that because they are invading Europe or because so many radical muslim countries are basket cases?

  2. Sheikh: The goal of any Hijra in Islam is to find a place where Da’wah and Islamic practices can be done peacefully. (for the purpose of spreading Islam).

    Or else Jihad is mandated.

    How dare Serbian mothers complain that their little daughters are not safe anymore .

    The only humane solution I can think of, is for NATO to bomb Serbia.

  3. The Bosnian’s need to come up with a new Milosevic, or do all they can to resurrect the old one. Thanks to the United States and the Communist Bill Clinton for beating down Bosnia-Herzegovina.
    Islam has declared war on the world as demonstrated by its encroachment, with permission, of the European countries, and, as well is moving post haste in propagating its wrath of Hell on Canada, and the United States; with permission.
    Milosevic was doing what we all will be doing and that is fighting Islam for survival.

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