Spain is Becoming Muslim Country, Inshallah!

From Iran Press TV, via Mullah

Look out for “Golden Age”, Islamic achievements, science, false claims of ownership, rapid increasing Muslim populations, “tolerance” and “positive contributions to the Spanish community” – and hurl!

Press TV, the mullahs propaganda network, has just been banned in the UK

‘UK Press TV ban prelude to Iran war’the mullahs go apeshit, as usual….

Its happening in Belgium:

Brussels: a Muslim Colony in the Heart of Belgium

At the level of official teaching, the Islamic religion is now clearly in the majority in Brussels, in both primary and secondary schools (43% and 41.4%), far ahead of the Catholic religion (23.3% and 15.2%), which is behind courses in ethics (27.9% et 37.2%).  (More from Cheradenine Zakalwe)

Its happening in Catalonia, Spain

  • Salt Under Demographic Attack  (The video “Salt – In the Line of Fire” gives an idea of the effect this transformation has had on the harried indigenous population.)

Its happening in Paris, France

Invaders in Paris occupying the town hall to protest about ‘poor housing’

Invaders in Barcelona demanding the right to claim benefits in Spain while living in their North African homelands!

The Invaders’ Astounding Sense of Entitlement

by Cheradenine Zakalwe

The Catalan government recently withdrew benefits from 4,500 North Africans who went back to live in North Africa while still receiving money from the Spanish taxpayer. A recently-introduced reform requires them to show their passports when claiming benefits so the staff can see whether they’ve been abroad without notifying the welfare authorities. That’s what these savages are complaining about!

mal-logement à Paris 10éme : la colère monte ! by HLMPOURTOUS

Invaders in Munich going on hunger strike to demand cash instead of food packages  (Source: PI)