Spare me the BS: Syed Soharwardy claims he was threatened nine times for his views in the Shafia case…

The usual claims of victimhood from a head-banging bigot with a long record of mischief:  Syed Soharwardy has been leading the pro-Hamas, pro-Hezbollah hate marches in the Jewish neighbourhood of Calgary,  trucking in  foul-mouthed supporters — who fly the flag of the criminal organization, Hezbollah — to chant “death to the Jews”, and wave swastikas in the face of the local citizens.

Police are  investigating the threats against Soharwardy.

“There is no room for this kind of crime in religion”– said Soharwardy.

Yes there is.

“The government has a responsibility to clearly say what kind of society this Canada is,” said Soharwardy.

Me thinks he’ll never know what responsibility is.